The County Finance Department performs the following functions: Tax Collection, Budgeting, Accounts Receivable and Payable Payroll, Producing Financial Statements and Information, including financial analyses, Investment, Acquisition of Property for Unpaid Taxes, Providing Certificates of Residence for individuals who want to attend a community college outside of Putnam County at a reduced tuition.

Putnam TASC

The mission of the Putnam County Tobacco Asset Securitization Corporation is to act as a Legal Conduit between the County of Putnam (which securitized future tobacco revenue streams from the Master Settlement Agreement between tobacco Companies and the New York State Attorney General) and the bond holders that purchased these revenue streams.

Latest Minutes – October 17th 2011

Putnam County Tobacco Asset Securitization Corporation 2010 Document

Retiree Health Insurance Resolutions 2016

Budget 2017
2017 Tentative Budget Report 10/3/2016

Budget 2016
2016 MUNIS Budget Report Adopted FINAL
2016 Where your Property Tax Dollar goes

Budget 2015
2015- Where your 2015 Putnam Property Tax Dollar Goes
2015 Adopted Budget Final – 12-8-2014

Budget 2014
2014 Adopted Budget File

Budget 2013
Budget File  (revised)
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