Putnam County would like to announce that we have partnered with several community agencies and developed a new multi-faceted prevention program called Supervision and Treatment Services for Juveniles Program (STSJP). This program is aimed at assisting youth who are demonstrating behaviors that place them at risk for possible involvement in the Juvenile Justice System.  These behaviors may include truancy, substance abuse, inappropriate peer interaction, a history of abuse or neglect, emotional difficulties, and a host of other concerns.

We welcome an opportunity to meet with you and your staff to present this exciting innovative approach to working with youth who are exhibiting concerning behaviors, by providing them with support, counseling and healthy alternative to assist them in making better choices.

Below you will find a brief description of the services provided in the program, along with contact information, and a link to a referral form.  Please feel free to reach out to any these individuals for more detailed information.

If you would like to schedule a time to meet to further discuss the program, answer questions and begin collaboration in addressing the needs of our youth, please contact Janeen Cunningham, Executive Director of the Youth Bureau, at (845) 808-1600, x46120.

Supervision and Treatment Services for Juveniles Program (STSJP) Services Offered:

  1. Putnam/Northern Westchester Women’s Resource Center: Adolescent Victim Services Project is a trauma informed victim service component for individual adolescents (male and female) who have been victims of sexual, physical or emotional trauma that has contributed to negative behaviors placing them at risk for involvement in the juvenile justice system. The Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) approach will be used for treatment.  Contact: Anne Nadig, 628-9284 x232
  1. The Prevention Council of Putnam: Substance Use Disorder Education and Awareness Program will educate adolescents with eight – 90 minute lessons about the consequences of alcohol and other substance use and increase their skills to avoid further and/or further involvement with alcohol and other drugs. Participants will attend two additional positive alternative/field trip activities. Participants will be broken up into two groups: (12-15) and (16-18) year olds.  Contact: 225-4646
  1. Green Chimneys: Intensive Service Coordination Program (ISCP) will provide youth with services to optimize their functioning in their home, school, community and to avoid placement in the juvenile justice system.  Goals will be achieved through individualized, strength based services using evidence based methods.  Individual and Family Counseling, case management, skill building, respite services, psycho-educational groups, parent support and overnight respite will be available.  Contact: Clare Rigano, 279-2995 x702
  1. Camp Herrlich – This program is available for Middle School (12-15) and High School (16-18) age students to attend Camp Herrlich once a week for two hours.  Some activities that youth will participate in are life skills, outdoor education, kayaking/canoeing, group work, community service projects, mentoring opportunities, etc.  A summer program will be available once a week for participants to attend.
    Contact: Scott Riches, 878-6662 x306
  1. The Putnam County Probation Department: conduct curfew checks on all youth involved in the county’s juvenile justice system. Curfew checks are aimed to address the on-going need of at-risk youth and to remind youth of their upcoming court appearances.  Contact: April Lathrop, 808-1111 x49113