Unveiling of an exhibit of the 1962 Sesquicentennial Time Capsule


MaryEllen Odell

Putnam County Executive


On Monday Sept 17th Putnam County Executive, MaryEllen Odell will be holding a press conference at 34 Gleneida Avenue, Putnam County Clerk Office.  MaryEllen will be announcing the unveiling of an exhibit of the 1962 Sesquicentennial Time Capsule and its contents for the rest of this Bicentennial year.

On November 11, 1962, the time capsule was entombed in front of Putnam County’s Historic Court House for the 150th anniversary of Putnam’s separation from Dutchess County.  On June 12th of this year, Putnam’s 200th birthday, the capsule was opened at the Historic Court House and the contents brought to the office of the County Historian to be inventoried, preserved and ultimately brought to 34 Gleneida Avenue for display to the public. The display frames and cases that house the artifacts have been covered with a layer of clear ultraviolet film to protect them from ambient light.