The Southeast Museum

History give us many things, a sense of who we are, a sense of pride, an opportunity to showcase our heroes, a perspective of the struggles we have endured and the knowledge that together we will get through this.


We are happy to say our programs have been and are available through Zoom sessions. We have even added a few new programs.

Ongoing Programs
Hey Neighbor– Weekly meet up. Have your history questions answered and say hello to your friends and neighbors. Wednesdays at 2:00pm
History Exchange – Monthly local history talk and discussion. Next Exchange is Wednesday May 13 at 5:30pm
History Book Club – The last Thursday of the month.
Documentary Club – Watch documentaries and meet to discuss

Coming soon
Virtual Local History Tours
History video game

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About the Southeast Museum: Established in 1963, the Southeast Museum offers exhibits on the history of the Town of Southeast, including the early American Circus, the Harlem Line Railroad, the Tilly Foster Mine, the Borden Milk Condensery, and the Croton Reservoir System.

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