The Public is Invited to Attend Shared Services Panel Meeting and Round Table Discussions with Consultant

Dear Mayors and Supervisors,

We invite you to attend our next County-Wide Shared Services Initiative Panel meeting on Thursday, June 7th at 6:30pm at the Putnam County Training and Operations Center located at 112 Old Route 6 in Carmel.

As you may recall, New York State has recently mandated that each County Executive convene a County-Wide Shared Services Panel that must consist of all mayors and supervisors.  This meeting will be our second Shared Services Panel meeting to ultimately draft a County-Wide Shared Services Plan for 2019 (by August).

Our meeting agenda is to discuss each of your municipality’s areas of mutual interest to share services based on your Shared Services Survey responses that you are completing for the Laberge Group.  The Laberge Group will send a meeting agenda under separate cover.

We encourage you to invite your respective municipal boards to also attend and even provide input.   Please let us know if you are interested to arrange for a town/village specific discussion with your Board on the 31st.  This would be considered a simultaneous meeting of the Shared Services Panel and your respective local government, if you had a large enough body of members attending so as to constitute a legal quorum.  Please remember to also post a legal notice for such a Village/Town Board meeting (workshop) at the above time and place if you are interested to formalize their input on the 7th.

We are also inviting representation from each of the public school districts and BOCES within the County.

AS discussed at our previous panel meeting, we will separately contact you to arrange other round table discussions with the right people on that same date, to take a “deeper dive” into specific areas based on your survey responses.  The anticipated discussion topics and times for those discussions are attached hereto.

If you have not already done so, we appreciate if you could please complete your Shared Services Survey and return to Dennis Pilla at the Laberge Group (

You can also contact Dennis by email or phone (914-563-9978) if you have any questions about the survey or if you had trouble receiving, opening, or sending the electronic file.

We look forward to continuing our combined efforts to increase inter-municipal cooperation in Putnam County in order to reduce costs for our taxpayers.  Thank you,