The Teens~N~Kids Mentoring program offered by the Putnam County Youth Bureau is currently in its third consecutive year.  The program is flourishing at its three sites throughout Putnam County and will continue until the end of the school year.  It is offered in the Carmel Central School District, Putnam Valley Central School District and Mahopac Central School District, and is on track to add another location next month.  Teens-N-Kids serves 72 students throughout the county; 40 high school students and 32 middle school aged students.

The program matches elementary age students with high school students as their mentors.  It offers the younger children an opportunity to develop positive relationships, social skills, and confidence while engaging in a variety of activities.  It can also provide academic support.  As positive role models, the mentors demonstrate supportive and caring relationships with their mentees.  In addition to the benefit of modeling healthy relationships, the mentors are also exposed to a wonderful leadership opportunity as well as the experience and reward of working with children.

The Teens~N~Kids Mentoring program has been well received and supported by school administrator, faculty, parents and the students at all three sites.  It is a rewarding partnership between the school districts and the Putnam County Youth Bureau staff in order to bring this valuable service to the youth of Putnam County.

Mentoring Flyer
Mentoring brochure updated June 2017