Medicaid General Information

Medical Assistance Programs

The Medical Assistance unit covers a number of programs that many people refer to as “Medicaid”.  These health care programs are for people who cannot pay for their medical care.  There are several ways that you can be eligible for Medicaid.  Medicaid depends on your age, income, health, sometimes your resources and other requirements.  The Medicaid Programs that are available include programs for adults and special programs for children.

Community Medicaid Program

There are several types of Community Medicaid:

  1. Medicare Savings Program – This program assists qualifying individuals with help in paying their Medicare premium, co-insurance and deductible amount.
  2. Child Health Plus A –  Medical coverage for children up to age 19.
  3. SSI Related – For adults who are aged, certified blind or certified disabled and can be either fully eligible  or eligible with a spend down.
  4. Adults – Single/childless couples (ages 21 to 65) may be eligible for Medicaid
    but should apply to the health exchange.
    Medicaid for adults living  with their dependent children can also be eligible for full Medicaid or with a spend down.

Chronic Care

This is a Medicaid program that may help pay for the costs for someone who is in institutional care or a home and community based waiver services program.  (There is a very extensive information gathering process that is required for determining eligibility for this program.)

General Eligibility Guidelines

There are many factors and various types of documentation requirements involved in making a determination of eligibility for Medicaid programs.  If you need health care coverage, contact your local Department of Social Services.  If you do not qualify for some programs, a worker may be able to assist you or know of another option to help you with your medical care costs.