Putnam County Gasoline Tax Break

As Summer travel season begins, Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell said the county will make
sure that drivers are receiving the gas tax break they deserve.

To help ease the gasoline price crisis, Odell signed a law limiting the 4% county gas tax to the first $2 per
gallon, regardless of how high gas prices rise. Now, she says she’ll ensure that gas stations are passing
the savings along to drivers.

“Our consumer affairs department will canvas all gas stations and track their pricing,” County Executive
Odell said. “We believe most gas stations will do the right thing, but we are going to take steps to ensure
that every gas station does. We take price gouging seriously. The cost of gas these days is literally
highway robbery, it’s taking an unprecedented toll on family budgets.”

Putnam’s gas tax break law reduces the county’s gasoline tax for six months, from June 1 through
December 31, 2022.

“Now that it’s summer and kids are home from college and families are driving more, we want to give
residents a break,” said Putnam County Legislature Chair Neal Sullivan. “Inflation is undermining our
families’ quality of life. We, in Putnam, are happy to be able to give our residents this gas sales tax