Putnam County Approves Transit Advertising Program

MaryEllen Odell
Putnam County Executive
(845) 808-1001

May 15, 2014

Putnam County Approves Transit Advertising Program

The Putnam County Legislature unanimously agreed to allow paid advertising on the county’s public transportation system and shelters during a special meeting of the governing body last Tuesday night. The Putnam Moves Advertising Program, which will be run through a public-private partnership with the Putnam County Chambers of Commerce (PCCC), will provide a county-wide marketing opportunity for local businesses as well as generate revenue to support the county’s expenses associated with the transportation system.

“I was very pleased when the County Executive approached me with the idea of our taking on the advertising campaign,” said PCCC Chairwoman Jennifer Maher.  

“This new advertising program will benefit everyone in Putnam,” said County Executive MaryEllen Odell. “It provides our business community with a new marketing mechanism and relief to our taxpayers. Our transit system is the latest way that we have looked beyond the scope of past practices and found partners that can assist government in working more efficient and effective.” 

The Putnam Area Rapid Transit system (PART) provides five fixed buses routes for riders, mandated paratransit services and transportation for preschool-aged students in early intervention programs. Advertising opportunities will be available on the 10 fixed route buses, seven paratransit buses and the seven bus shelters.

Putnam County has worked for the past two years to revamp its costly transit system. It created a Transportation Task Force (TTF) spearheaded by Vincent Tamagna, deputy commissioner of the planning department. The task force looked for ways to make the transit system more efficient and effective. The task force also looked for cost saving measures and revenue generating opportunities.

A study conducted by the TTF found that in 2012 the total cost for public transportation by the county was $2,327,826.  Working with MV Transportation, the county has since implemented $1 million in cost-cutting efficiencies and anticipates garnering $15,000 of revenue in the remainder of 2014 from the advertising.

“This is another income for the county,” said Legislature Chairman Carl Albano. “It has been done before in other counties and it works. The best part is that we have the Chamber of Commerce to work with us and they do a fantastic job. By having them administer the program, it will save us a lot of money. It is another public-private partnership that compliments one another and everyone benefits.”

Interested advertisers may contact the PCCC for information regarding advertising and ad placements. The PCCC will then make sure that signage is created and delivered to the transportation office. Checks will be made payable to the county.

“We are delighted to be working with the county on this advertising initiative,” said PCCC President Bill Nulk. “The Putnam Moves Advertising Program is really targeted for the Putnam County business community. It is our only real opportunity in Putnam for businesses to directly access residents and travelers throughout the entire county.”

The Legislature established the following advertising rates and guidelines. Rates for advertising on the PART system and shelters include:

Fixed Route Buses (10 buses)

Interior Plan (12 available plans):
• Includes 1 16” X 7” advertisement on 6 buses
• Cost: $400.00 per month

Interior Jumbo & Super Jumbo Plans – (2 sizes available)
• Super Jumbo (4 available) includes 1 24“X 36” advertisement
– Cost: $200 per month
• Jumbo (6 available) includes 1 36“X 14” advertisement
– Cost: $180 per month

Exterior Bus Plan (10 available plans)
• Includes 1 36” X 8” advertisement on one of 10 buses
• Cost: $250 per month

Para-Transit Buses (7 available)

Para-transit Interior Plan (7 available plans):
• Includes 1 16” X 7” advertisement on 6 buses
• Cost: $300.00 per month

Bus Shelters (7 Existing shelters)
Shelter Ad Small (Presently 7 available plans)
• Includes 1 22” X 12” advertisement on a select shelter

• $200 per month

Shelter Ad Jumbo (7 available plans)
• Includes 1 51” X 47” advertisement on a select shelter
• $350 per month