The Hudson Valley Municipal Purchasing Group (HVMPG)

The Hudson Valley Municipal Purchasing Group (HVMPG), an instrumentality of local governments (General Municipal Law §119-o), is the regional purchasing organization of Hudson Valley local governments and certain not-for-profit organizations providing services on behalf of local governments. The HVMPG works on procurement related issues in an effort to provide efficiencies in the procurement process and obtain the best value for its taxpayers.

The HVMPG initiated its Cooperative Purchasing Program in 2002 with the basic objective of reducing costs through economies of scale created through volume buying and to make it easier for Hudson Valley businesses to obtain information about local government contracting opportunities through the use of a Regional Bid Notification System. Participating jurisdictions have also experienced cost savings through the reduction or elimination of administrative costs through the use on the Regional Bid Notification System.

The HVMPG promotes an exchange of management and technical information among area purchasing officials and encourages the continuing education of procurement professionals throughout the region.

The following HVMPG Documents are available for download:

  1. Current Cooperative Invitations:
    1. 2009 Copy Paper Participation Form
  2. Other HVMPG Documents and Forms
    1. HVMPG Board Resolution
    2. HVMPG Cooperative Purchasing Agreement
    3. HVMPG Guide to Cooperative Purchasing
    4. HVMPG Membership Application
    5. HVMPG Bylaws