Public Hearing Notice -Planning Program of Projects 3/3/17


         49 USC §5307, CMAQ

-Public Hearing Notice-


A Public Hearing will be held upon written request of any and all interested parties to provide for comment on Putnam County’s Grant Application(s) to purchase eight (8) vehicles for the Putnam County Transit System known as PART for a total estimated cost of $613,544 utilizing Congestion Management Air Quality (CMAQ) funds; and for four (4) Projects to be funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), Federal Transit Administration (FTA) 49 USC §5307 as follows:  Security Gates & Door Locks for a total estimated cost of $50,000; Purchase of 21 Two-Way Radios for a total estimated cost of $30,000;   two years of Program Administration 2015 & 2016 for a total estimated cost of $200,000; and, supplemental funding for the construction and inspection of the ADA Transit Accessibility II Sidewalk Project in parts of the towns of Southeast and Carmel for a total estimated project cost of $930,000.  Total Cost of all Projects $1,823,544 of which $1,458,835 are Federal and CMAQ Funds.


The application can be reviewed by contacting the following:


Sandra M. Fusco

Putnam County Department of Planning,

Development, and Public Transportation

841 Fair Street, Carmel, NY 10512

(845) 878-3480


All interested parties should respond, in writing, within 15 days of the date of this notice to the address above.

Unless otherwise notified, this notice will serve as the Final Program of Projects.


Dated:  3/2/17