Family Court Petition Assistance

The probation department assists the public with filling out Family Court related petitions having to do with Family Offenses (aka Orders of Protection) and Custody/Visitation. This also includes preparation of modification and violation (aka enforcement) petitions as well. We make appointments for most cases; however recognize that at times emergency situations do arise. We can handle some walk in situations but it is always best to call ahead to let us know you will be coming to make the process as smooth as possible for you.

If you have made an appointment for Family Offense petition assistance please arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow time to fill out the initial paperwork we require. If you prefer to complete these forms ahead of time please click here to be re-directed to our forms page.


If you are coming here to modify or violate (enforce) an order you will need to bring that order with you. We do not have access to look up your case or see your case history. Should you not have these documents upon your arrival you will be asked to go to the courthouse to obtain copies, but please be aware that the court cannot always print these documents for you right away and at times will need to mail them to you once printed. If this happens you will need to re-schedule your appointment with our office.

To ensure you have everything you may need for your appointment it’s best to bring the most recent family court orders (if any) as well as Judgment of Divorce AND Stipulation of Settlement with them.  These need to be signed copies of your documents.


Our office does not assist in preparations of Adoption or Guardianship petitions. The Supreme Court handles these cases and you will need to contact that office to determine what steps you need to take. They can be reached at 845-208-7800

We do not prepare petitions to file for a modification of a local Criminal Court order of protection, you must contact the District Attorney’s office to obtain information about this. They can be reached at 845-808-1050.

The Support Collection Unit can also assist the public with preparing these petitions if you are using the support collection unit to collect the child support. They can be reached at 845-808-1500.

Should you wish to fill out these forms yourself please use the following links to download and print your forms, then bring these completed petitions to the Family Court Clerk’s office.

For a complete list of all New York State petitions available please visit:

Additionally there is a computer in the court library as well as on 2nd floor of courthouse for the public to self-prepare these petitions.

After completion all petitions are then filed on the second floor of the court house at the Family Court Clerk’s office.  Once your petition is filed all questions regarding your case or court appearance dates will need to be directed to the Family Court Clerk’s Office.