Prevent Heat Related Illnesses

Temperatures are expected to be close to 90°F several days this week. Prevent heat-related illnesses by:

  • Staying cool
    • Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose fitting clothing
    • Stay in air-conditioned places as much as possible
    • Take a cool bath or shower
    • Limit outdoor activity to the morning and evening when it is cooler
    • Take frequent breaks if you must be outside and stay in the shade as much as possible
    • Protect yourself from the sun if you go outside. A sunburn can dehydrate you and affect the way your body cools itself.
    • Eat light meals
  • Staying hydrated
    • Drink more fluids. Avoid alcohol and sugary drinks.
    • Make sure children, older adults and pets are also drinking more fluids
  • Staying informed
    • Know the signs of heat-related illness and act quickly
    • Sign up for NYAlert to notify you of extreme heat
    • Follow your local officials on social media

Remember to never leave a child, disabled adult or pet in a car on a hot day, even with the windows open.