potholeIn 2014 Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell and Commissioner of Highways & Facilities Fred Pena, working together with New York State and our local towns and villages, launched an aggressive and innovative program to improve the quality of roadways in Putnam County. Awareness of road surface issues is very important to us and through Putnam County’s “Operation Smooth Streets, all stakeholders can work together to develop a better infrastructure within our County.  The streets in Putnam County are maintained by several agencies and now residents, using this online form, can be part of the team and report their concern to one portal.  Once submitted the concern will be directed to the appropriate agency for follow up.

pothole2There are various types of street defects but the most common are cave-ins/sinkholes, cracking, drainage issues and potholes:

  • Cave-ins/Sinkholes-Depressions within the surface of the roadway typically caused by undermining
  • Cracking -Cracks along the surface of the roadway that penetrate through the asphalt layer
  • Drainage Issues -Water remaining on the roadway that fails to drain properly through normal means
  • Potholes -Bowl-shaped or irregular shaped holes in the asphalt layer of the roadway

Street Defect Reporting Form

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