The Planning Department is open from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday (except from mid-June through mid-September, when the hours are 8am to 4pm).

The Planning Department directs millions of dollars each year into the local economy and indirectly touches the lives of all Putnam County residents through its many activities:

  1. Assisting the County Executive in executive planning and capital budgeting
  2. Performing Land Use Case Reviews and approval authority
  3. Performing State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR) reviews
  4. Providing technical assistance to municipalities of the county on matters of planning and zoning, including training seminars Information, referral and database management for the New York State Data Center, disseminating demographic information on the County from the US Census
  5. Delivering environmental education and training seminars, research studies of natural resources, and technical assistance to local municipalities and the public
  6. Planning and operational administration of the PART public bus system, specialized transportation services, and paratransit services, including route scheduling, passenger recording and fee collection
  7. Preparing all analytical, monitoring and annual reports related to transportation planning, in compliance with the mandates of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act Inter-County Transportation – working with the NY State Department of Transportation as sponsor for the STOA program to provide intercounty transportation to White Plains and New York City
  8. Bikeway and Park-and-Ride Planning – working in conjunction with federal and state agencies to initiate a bikeway project and explore park-and-ride sites
  9. Securing federal and state grants to help achieve departmental programs and fund new initiatives
  10. Watershed Implementation – implementing the Watershed Agreement with New York City
  11. Working in liaison with the Soil and Water Conservation District, which is part of the Planning Department.

PLEASE NOTE that appointments are needed for map information, technical assistance, and for viewing of aerial photography.