Job Specifications are job descriptions. The purpose of the job specification is to provide information about the functions, duties and qualification requirements for each job that has been classified in Putnam County civil service. A job specification is a formal written document which defines the duties and responsibilities of the job, and lists examples of typical work activities. The job specification stipulates the knowledge, skills, abilities and personal characteristics required for successful performance of the work, and states the minimum qualifications required for appointment.

Broad Classification. In Putnam County, jobs are generally classified as broadly as possible. This means the job specification will be general and open-ended enough to describe a position even when it is established in a number of different places across the county. The same position in different work locations will likely involve specifically different, though generally related, duties in each workplace. For example, an Office Assistant in the County Clerk’s Office would have different specific duties than an Office Assistant in a school district, but they are both Office Assistants with the same broad job specification. Job specifications are not intended to describe details of any single job. That’s why the job specification document states that Typical Work Activities are illustrative only (do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by an incumbent).

Civil Service Job Opportunities. The job specifications posted on this site are for informational purposes only. The jobs they describe are not necessarily open for application. To view information about civil service job opportunities in Putnam County, click here.

Job specifications are periodically reviewed and revised to ensure that they are accurate and up-to-date.
Please contact the Putnam County Personnel Department at 845-808-1650 with any questions or concerns.




  A  –  J  

Account Clerk
Account Clerk (Recreation)
Account Clerk II
Account Clerk-Typist
Account Clerk-Typist II
Account Keeping and Computer Operations Supervisor
Accountant I
Accounting Supervisor
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant (Legislature)
Administrative Assistant (PT)
Administrative Assistant (School)
Administrator of Early Intervention & Pre-School Programs
Administrator of Day Treatment Program
Aging Services Aide
Aging Services Helper
Aide to Town Board
Alcohol Abuse Counselor
Assessment Assistant
Assessment Clerk
Asset Manager
Assistant Building Inspector
Assistant Building Inspector-Fire Inspector
Assistant Building Inspector-Zoning Inspector
Assistant Business Manager
Assistant Carpenter
Assistant Civil Engineer
Assistant Coordinator, WIA-Employment & Training Programs
Assistant County Historian
Assistant Crew Chief
Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation
Assistant Director of Recreation and Parks
Assistant Director of Technology and Network Support & Operations
Assistant District Attorney
Assistant Engineer
Assistant Fire Inspector
Assistant Highways & Facilities Engineer
Assistant Library Director I
Assistant Library Director II
Assistant Maintenance Mason
Assistant Maintenance Mason II
Assistant Maintenance Welder
Assistant Motor Vehicle Division Supervisor
Assistant Payroll Clerk
Assistant Personnel Clerk
Assistant Personnel Clerk (Intern)
Assistant Public Health Educator
Assistant Public Health Educator Trainee
Assistant Public Health Educator II
Assistant Public Health Educator II (Spanish Speaking)
Assistant Public Health Engineer
Assistant Records Clerk
Assistant Records Clerk-Typist
Assistant Records Manager
Assistant School Lunch Manager
Assistant Social Worker
Assistant Supervisor of Planning and Design
Assistant Supervisor of Transportation
Assistant Supervisor, Construction and Maintenance
Assistant Tax Collection Supervisor
Assistant to County Historian
Assistant Water Treatment Plant Operator
Assistant Zoning Inspector
Associate Account Clerk
Associate Clerk
Associate Network Specialist
Associate Public Health Sanitarian
Associate Typist
Athletic Trainer
ATI Program Worker
Attendance Aide
Attendance Clerk
Audit Manager
Automotive Body Mechanic
Automotive Mechanic
Automotive Mechanic-Bus Driver
Automotive Service Manager

Beach Monitor
Behavior Modification Specialist
Bioterrorism Health Planning Coordinator
Budget Officer (Town)
Building Inspector-Zoning Inspector
Building Inspector
Building Inspector III
Building Maintenance Mechanic I
Building Maintenance Mechanic II
Building Maintenance Supervisor
Building Maintenance Worker
Building Maintenance Worker II
Building Zoning and Plumbing Inspector
Buildings & Grounds Maintenance Supervisor
Bus Driver

Case Supervisor Grade B
Caseworker (OSR)
Caseworker (Spanish Speaking)
Caseworker Assistant (OSR)
Caseworker Assistant (Social Services)
Caseworker Assistant (Youth)
Caseworker-Registered Nurse
Cashier I
Cashier II
Certified Instructor Coordinator
Certified Lab Instructor
Chief Assistant District Attorney
Chief Criminal Investigator/Inspector
Chief Deputy Commissioner of Finance
Chief Mechanic
Chief Mechanic (School)
Chief of Staff (County Executive)
Chief of Staff (Sheriff)
Chief Sign Maintenance Worker
Child Interview Specialist
Child Protective Service (CPS) Caseworker
Child Protective Service (CPS) Caseworker (Spanish Speaking)
Child Protective Service (CPS) Supervisor
Child Support Specialist I
Child Support Specialist II
Childcare Assistant I
Childcare Assistant II
Civil Bureau Captain
Civil Defense Assistant
Claims Auditor
Cleaner-Bus Driver
Cleaner/Groundskeeper II
Clerical Aide
Clerk (Spanish Speaking)
Clerk II (Spanish Speaking)
Clerk to Highway Superintendent
Clerk to the County Legislature
Clerk to Town Justice
Clerk to Village Justice
Clerk to Zoning Board
Clinic Supervisor
Code Enforcement Officer
Code Enforcement Officer (Plumbing & Mech Trades)
Commissioner of Elections
Commissioner of Emergency Services
Commissioner of Finance
Commissioner of Health
Commissioner of Highways & Facilities
Commissioner of Mental Health
Commissioner of Planning, Development, Transport
Commissioner of Social Services
Communications Captain
Community Media Coordinator
Community Mental Health Aide
Community Services Aide
Community-School Transportation Liaison
Compliance Enforcement Officer
Computer Aide
Computer Operations Aide I
Computer Operations Aide II
Computer Operations Specialist
Computer Operations Specialist (School)
Computer Operator
Computer Support Assistant
Computer Support Technician
Computer Support Technician Trainee
Computer Technology Coordinator
Confidential Advisor to Sheriff
Confidential Personnel Clerk (School)
Confidential Secretary
Confidential Secretary to Commissioner of Highways & Facilities
Confidential Secretary to County Attorney
Confidential Secretary to County Clerk
Confidential Secretary to County Coroner
Confidential Secretary to County Executive
Confidential Secretary to District Attorney
Confidential Secretary to School Superintendent
Confidential Secretary to the County Legislature
Construction Equipment Operator
Construction Equipment Operator II
Construction Material & Highway Dispatcher
Construction Project Assistant
Consumer Services Assistant
Contracts Administrator
Cook (Jail)
Cook Manager
Coordinator of Case Management
Coordinator of Child Advocacy Program
Coordinator of Child Support Enforcement Unit
Coordinator of Community Affairs
Coordinator of Examinations & Transactions
Coordinator of Homebound Elderly Services
Coordinator of Medicaid Long Term Care Programs
Coordinator of Nutrition Programs and Services
Coordinator of Patient-Provider Services
Coordinator of Senior Services
Coordinator of Services for the Aging
Coordinator of Technical Support
Coordinator, Children’s Services-SPOA
Coordinator, Continuing Treatment Program
Coordinator, RSVP
Coordinator, WIA-Employment & Training Programs
Correction Captain
Correction Lieutenant
Correction Officer
Correction Officer (Spanish Speaking)
Correction Sergeant
County Attorney
County Auditor
County Clerk
County Executive
County Historian
County Historian Aide
County Legislator
County Veterans Director
Court Attendant
Court Reporter
CPR Instructor
Crew Chief
Crew Chief II
Criminal Investigations Captain
Criminal Investigator (District Attorney)
Criminal Justice Captain
Custodial Worker
Custodial Worker-Bus Driver
Custodial Worker-Groundskeeper
Custodial Worker-School Monitor
Custodian-Bus Driver

Data Analyst
Data Entry Operator
Data Systems Specialist
Day Care Helper
Deputy Clerk to the County Legislature
Deputy Commissioner of Emergency Services
Deputy Commissioner of Finance
Deputy Commissioner, Highways & Facilities
Deputy Commissioner of Mental Health
Deputy Commissioner of Social Services
Deputy County Attorney
Deputy County Auditor
Deputy County Clerk
Deputy County Executive
Deputy County Veterans Director
Deputy Director of Emergency Management
Deputy Director of IT-GIS
Deputy Director of Recreation and Parks
Deputy Highway Superintendent
Deputy Receiver of Taxes
Deputy Sheriff
Deputy Sheriff Criminal Investigator
Deputy Sheriff First Sergeant
Deputy Sheriff Lieutenant
Deputy Sheriff Sergeant
Deputy Tax Collector
Deputy Town Attorney
Deputy Town Clerk
Deputy Town Comptroller
Deputy Town Engineer
Deputy Village Clerk
Deputy Village Clerk/Treasurer
Deputy Youth Director
Diesel Mechanic
Dietary Technician
Director of Children and Family Services
Director of Code Enforcement
Director of Constituent Services
Director of Consumer Affairs
Director of Consumer Affairs, Weights & Measures
Director of Consumer Affairs, Weights & Measures, Trades Licensing
Director of Educational Technology and Information Systems
Director of Eligibility
Director of Emergency Management
Director of Emergency Management & Information Technology
Director of Emergency Medical Services
Director of Emergency Services Training
Director of Engineering (EHS)
Director of Environmental Health Services
Director of Facilities, Maintenance, Operations and Transportation
Director of Finance
Director of Information Technology
Director of Legal Services
Director of Mental Health
Director of Operations
Director of Parks and Recreation
Director of Patient Services
Director of Purchasing and Central Services
Director of Purchasing, Central Services, and Information Technology
Director of Real Property Tax Services
Director of Recreation and Parks
Director of School Facilities and Operations
Director of School Facilities, Operations, & Transportation
Director of Security
Director of Security/Safety
Director of Weights and Measures
Director, Early Intervention Program
Director, Office for Senior Resources
Dispatch Center Shift Supervisor
Dispatch Center Supervisor
District Attorney
Dog Warden

Early Intervention & Preschool Program Supervisor
Early Intervention Program Director
Early Intervention Service Coordinator
Early Intervention Service Coordinator (Bilingual Spanish)
Early Intervention Supervising Service Coordinator
Educational Technology Specialist
EISEP Coordinator
Election Clerk
Election Specialist
Electrical Board Chairperson
Electrical Inspector/Licensing Enforcement Officer
Electrical Licensing Enforcement Officer
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Administrator
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
Emergency Preparedness Officer
Emergency Services Coordinator
Emergency Services Dispatcher
Emergency Services Dispatcher (QA-QI)
Emergency Systems Planning Administrator
Employment & Temporary Assistance Coordinator
Employment and Training Assistant
Employment and Training Coordinator
Employment and Training Counselor
Engineering Aide
Engineering Projects Coordinator
Enrollment Facilitator (Spanish Speaking)
Environmental Health Aide
Environmental Health Education Aide
Environmental Health Educator
Environmental Health Engineering Aide
Evaluation Helper
Examination Monitor

Facilities Manager
Facilities, Technology & Transportation Supervisor
Federally Funded Program Manager
Fire Coordinator
Fire District Treasurer
Fire House Caretaker
Fire Inspector
Fire Instructor
First Assistant District Attorney
First Deputy County Attorney
First Deputy County Clerk
Fiscal Manager
Fiscal Technician
Food Service Carrier/Cleaner
Food Service Helper
Forensic Interviewer Community Outreach Worker

Geographic Information System (GIS) Assistant
Geographic Information System (GIS) Technician
Geographic Information System (GIS) Program Specialist
Global Positioning System (GPS) Recording Equipment Operator (PT)
Grader Operator
Graphic Design & Computer Support Specialist
Groundskeeper-Recreation Assistant

Head Automotive Mechanic
Head Bus Driver
Head Bus Driver/Examiner
Head Cleaner
Head Custodian
Head Driver
Head Groundskeeper
Head Lifeguard
Head Maintenance Worker
Health Benefits Assistant
Health Care Worker
Health Office Assistant
Health Officer
Heavy Motor Equipment Operator
Highway Safety Coordinator
Highway Superintendent
Home Health Aide
Home Health Aide Coordinator
Home Helper
Human Resources Director
Human Resources Info Systems/Payroll Administrator

In Rem Specialist
Information Systems Administrator
Information Systems Support Specialist
Information Systems Technician
Inspector General
Inspector of Weights & Measures
Intermediate Clerk
Intermediate Typist
Interpreter Translator
IT Operations Assistant
IT Systems Specialist

Jail Physician
Junior Accountant
Junior Engineer
place holder
place holder
place holder
place holder
place holder
place holder

  L  –  Z  

Lab Instructor/Lab Instructor Trainee
Lake Harvester Operator
Lake Patrol Officer
Lead Automotive Mechanic
Lead Stable Attendant
Legal Assistant
Legal Secretary
Legislative Counsel
Librarian I
Librarian I (Trainee)
Librarian I (Youth Services)
Librarian II
Library Aide
Library Assistant
Library Assistant (Technology)
Library Assistant (Youth Services)
Library Board Recorder
Library Clerk
Library Director I
Library Director II
Library Page
License Enforcement Officer
License Enforcement Officer – Gas Inspector
Licensed Practical Nurse
Licensed Practical Nurse (School)
Licensed Professional Engineer
Licensed Professional Engineer (Structural)
Light Equipment Operator

Mail Clerk
Maintenance Carpenter
Maintenance Electrician
Maintenance Helper
Maintenance Helper-Bus Driver
Maintenance Mason
Maintenance Mechanic (General)
Maintenance Mechanic (Special)
Maintenance Painter
Maintenance Plumber
Maintenance Welder
Maintenance Worker
Maintenance Worker II
Maintenance Worker II – Stock Clerk
Maintenance Worker-Dog Warden
Managed Care Coordinator-TANF Program
Map Technician
Master Mechanic I
Master Mechanic II
Media/AV Technology Support Specialist
Medical Consultant
Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator
Mortgage Tax Supervisor
Motor Equipment Operator
Motor Vehicle Cashier-Examiner
Motor Vehicle Cashier-Examiner (Spanish)
Motor Vehicle Division Supervisor
Municipal Bookkeeper
Museum Coordinator

Natural Resource Technician
Network Specialist
Nurse (OSR)
Nurse Practitioner
Nurses Aide
Nutrition Assistant
Nutrition Services Coordinator
Nutrition Site Manager
Nutritionist I
Nutritionist I (Spanish Speaking)
Nutritionist II
Nutritionist II (Spanish Speaking)

Occupational Therapist
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Office Assistant
Office Assistant (School)
Office Assistant (Spanish Speaking)
Office Assistant I (School)
Office Assistant II (School)
Office Manager
OPWDD Assistant Coordinator
OPWDD Coordinator
Operations Captain
Outreach Worker
Outreach Worker (Spanish Speaking)

Park Attendant
Park Custodian-Security Officer (PT)
Park District Superintendent
Park Maintenance Helper
Park Maintenance Supervisor
Park Maintenance Worker
Park Ranger
Park Superintendent-County
Park Superintendent – Non County
Parking Enforcement Officer
Payroll and Benefits Clerk
Payroll Clerk
Payroll Manager
Permit Checker
Personnel Assistant
Personnel Clerk (School)
Personnel Officer
Personnel Specialist
Personnel Specialist (School)
Personnel Technician
Personnel Technician Trainee
Physical Therapist
Planner I
Planner II
Planning Aide
Planning Assistant
Plumbing Board Chairperson
Police Captain
Police Chief
Police Dispatcher
Police Lieutenant
Police Officer
Police Sergeant
Prevention & Community Outreach Coordinator
Principal Account Clerk
Principal Assistant to Undersheriff
Principal Clerk
Principal Environmental Health Engineering Aide
Principal Office Assistant
Principal Office Assistant (School)
Principal Personnel Specialist
Principal Planner
Principal Typist
Probation Assistant
Probation Counselor
Probation Director (Group A)
Probation Intake Worker
Probation Officer 1
Probation Officer 1 (Spanish Speaking)
Probation Officer 1 Trainee
Probation Supervisor 1
Program Manager (Keep Putnam Beautiful)
Project Administrator-Coordinator
Project Director RSVP
Project Manager
Property Compliance Officer
Psychiatric Nurse
Psychiatric Social Worker
Psychology Assistant
Public Health Director
Public Health Educator
Public Health Engineer
Public Health Nurse
Public Health Nurse (Spanish Speaking)
Public Health Nurse II
Public Health Program Assistant
Public Health Sanitarian
Public Health Sanitarian Trainee
Public Relations Assistant
Purchasing Agent (School)

Real Property Appraisal Technician
Real Property Appraiser
Real Property Data Collector
Real Property Services Specialist
Real Property Systems Supervisor
Receptionist (Spanish Speaking)
Records Clerk
Records Clerk-Typist
Records Clerk-Typist II
Records Retention Officer
Recreation Assistant
Recreation Attendant
Recreation Director
Recreation Leader
Recreation Specialist
Recreation Supervisor
Recycling Supervisor
Recycling Worker
Registered Professional Nurse
Registered Professional Nurse (School)
Registered Professional Nurse II
Registrar of Vital Statistics
Reimbursement Audit Clerk
Revenue Accounting & Payroll Manager
Risk Manager
Road and Safety Inspector
Road Maintenance Equipment Operator I
Road Maintenance Equipment Operator II
Road Patrol Captain

Safety Inspector (Transportation)
Safety Officer
School Age Child Care Program Assistant Director
School Age Child Care Program Director
School Auditor
School Bus Aide
School Bus Driver
School Bus Driver-School Monitor
School Bus Mechanic
School Bus Monitor
School Business Manager
School Compliance Officer
School Crossing Guard
School District Clerk
School District Courier
School District Treasurer
School Garage Supervisor
School Info Systems Data Manager
School Info Systems Support Specialist
School Lunch Director
School Lunch Manager
School Monitor
School Monitor-School Bus Aide
School Monitor-Special Education Student Aide
School Physician
School Tax Collector
School Transportation Operations Assistant
Secretary to Board of Assessors
Secretary to Board of Fire Commissioners
Secretary to Board of Fire Commissioners-Fire District Treasurer
Secretary to Electrical Board
Secretary to Planning Board
Secretary to Plumbing Board
Secretary to Town Supervisor
Secretary to Zoning Board
Senior Account Clerk
Senior Account Clerk II
Senior Account Clerk/Typist
Senior Administrative Assistant
Senior Administrative Assistant (Legislature)
Senior Caseworker
Senior Caseworker (OSR)
Senior Center Manager
Senior Certified Instructor Coordinator
Senior Certified Lab Instructor
Senior Cleaner-Groundskeeper
Senior Clerk
Senior Clerk (Spanish Speaking)
Senior Computer Operator
Senior Computer Specialist
Senior Coordinator of Examinations and Transactions
Senior Child Protective Service (CPS) Caseworker
Senior Criminal Investigator
Senior Custodian
Senior Data Entry Operator
Senior Deputy County Attorney
Senior Deputy County Attorney for Risk and Compliance
Senior Dietary Technician
Senior Dispatcher
Senior Employment and Training Counselor
Senior Engineering Aide
Senior Environmental Health Engineering Aide
Senior Environmental Planner
Senior Information Systems Technician
Senior Inspector of Weights & Measures
Senior Legal Assistant
Senior Library Clerk
Senior Library Page
Senior Licensed Practical Nurse
Senior Licensed Professional Engineer
Senior Mail Clerk
Senior Maintenance Worker
Senior Maintenance Worker-Stock Clerk
Senior Network Specialist
Senior Nutritionist
Senior Office Assistant
Senior Office Assistant (Legal)
Senior Office Assistant (School)
Senior Office Assistant II (School)
Senior Payroll Clerk
Senior Payroll and Benefits Clerk
Senior Personnel Administrator
Senior Personnel Assistant
Senior Personnel Specialist
Senior Personnel Technician
Senior Physical Therapist
Senior Planning Assistant
Senior Probation Intake Worker
Senior Probation Officer
Senior Psychiatric Social Worker
Senior Public Health Engineer
Senior Public Health Nurse
Senior Public Health Sanitarian
Senior Real Property Appraiser
Senior Records Clerk-Typist
Senior Records Clerk/Typist II
Senior Recreation Assistant
Senior Recreation Leader
Senior Registered Professional Nurse
Senior Resource Specialist
Senior Road and Safety Inspector
Senior School Bus Driver
Senior School Info Systems Support Specialist
Senior School Monitor
Senior Social Services Specialist
Senior Stenographer
Senior Tax Collection Clerk
Senior Telephone Operator
Senior Typist
Senior Typist (Spanish Speaking)
Senior Typist I
Senior Typist II
Septic Repair Program Inspector
Septic Repair Program Projects Coordinator
Set Up Mechanic
Sewage Treatment Plant Operator
Sewer Inspector
Sign Maintenance Worker
Skills Evaluator
Social Services Attorney
Social Services Attorney Intern
Social Services Legal Specialist
Social Services Specialist I
Social Services Specialist I (Spanish Speaking)
Social Services Specialist II
Social Services Specialist III
Social Services Specialist (Trainee)
Social Services Specialist Trainee (Spanish Speaking)
Social Services Supervisor
Special Assistant to County Attorney
Special Education Job Support Aide
Special Education Student Aide
Special Patrol Officer
Special Victims Investigator (District Attorney)
SPOA Coordinator
SPOA Coordinator (Adults)
Stable Attendant
Staff Development Coordinator
Stenographer II
Stenographic Secretary
Stop DWI Program Administrator
Stormwater Program Technician
Student Assistance Counselor
Student Worker
Supervising Clinical Psychologist
Supervising Crew Chief
Supervising Legal Assistant
Supervising Legal Stenographer
Supervising Maintenance Worker
Supervising Physical Therapist
Supervising Police Dispatcher
Supervising Public Health Educator
Supervising Public Health Nurse
Supervising Social Services Attorney
Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds
Supervisor of Facilities
Supervisor of School Bus Drivers & School Bus Aides
Supervisor of School Maintenance and Transportation
Supervisor of Transportation
Supervisor, Construction and Maintenance
Supervisor, Planning and Design
Supervisor, Registrar’s Office
Swimming Area Director

Tax Collection Supervisor
Tax Collector
Teacher Aide
Teacher Aide (Spanish Speaking)
Telephone Operator
Telephone Operator/Typist
Theater Assistant
Town Accountant
Town Attorney
Town Code Enforcement Officer
Town Comptroller
Town Engineer
Town Planner
Town Planner and Technical Services Coordinator
Transportation Program Manager
Transportation, Operations, Maintenance Supervisor
Treatment Court Coordinator
Tree Maintenance Equipment Operator
Tree Maintenance Equipment Operator II
Truck Driver
Truck Driver/Automotive Mechanic Helper
Typist (Spanish Speaking)
Typist I
Typist II


Veterans Assistant
Victim Advocate
Victim Advocate (Spanish Speaking)
Victim-Witness Assistant
Video Camera Monitor
Video Camera Operator (PT)
Village Accountant
Village Clerk/Treasurer
Village Code Enforcement Officer
Village Code Enforcement Officer (Spanish Speaking)
Village Constable
Village Mayor
Village Treasurer
Voting Machine Technician

Water and Sewer Maintenance Worker
Water and Sewer Superintendent
Water Inspector
Water Superintendent (Type IIA)
Water Superintendent (Type IIB)
Water Treatment Plant Operator (Type IIA)
Water Treatment Plant Operator (Type IIB)
Waterfront and Safety Director
Watershed Information Coordinator
Web and Information Systems Technician
Wetlands Inspector
WIA Assistant
WIA Assistant Trainee
WIA Intensive Services Case Manager
WIA Specialist
Working Foreman
Workshop Facilitator

Youth Director
Youth Program Specialist
Youth Services Specialist

Zoning Enforcement Officer
Zoning Inspector