How can I contact a certain member of the Personnel Department/who should I contact for a specific task?

Members of the Personnel Department, along with their specialties and phone extensions, can be found on our Who’s Who page.  The front desk phone line is 845 808-1650 ext. 46104.

When is the Personnel Office open?

Office hours can be found on the Personnel Department homepage. The department is closed whenever Putnam County departments are closed. For inclement weather, listen to FM 100.7 WHUD for closures and delays.

What types of exams are there?

Continuous Recruitment (CR) Examinations are scheduled and scored by the Putnam County Personnel Department. Applications for Continuous Recruitment Examinations are accepted continuously – there is no last filing date because examinations are scheduled on a rolling basis throughout the year. The sooner your application is received, the sooner you will be scheduled to take the Continuous Recruitment Examination for which you’re applying.  The average wait time from application to test date is 2 months.

Open Competitive (OC) Examinations are scheduled and scored by the New York State Department of Civil Service. The date of examination is statewide for an open competitive examination – which is why it is sometimes possible to “cross file” for an examination (when the same examination is being given by multiple counties). Since there is one scheduled examination date, applications for Open Competitive Examinations must be received by the stated last filing date.

What is the difference between a competitive and a non-competitive position?

All positions are competitive class, unless deemed otherwise by the County Personnel Officer and approved as non-competitive by New York State. The competitive class includes all positions where it is practical to assess applicants through an exam to determine one’s fitness for the position.

What should I do if my address changes between taking a test and receiving the results?

You must contact the Personnel Department at with the updated information.

When and how will I be notified of my exam score?

If your exam was a Continuous Recruitment (CR) examination, you will be notified at the time of the exam, and you will receive an official letter confirming these results within a few weeks of the exam. Open Competitive (OC) exams are scored by the New York State Civil Service Testing Division, and it can take a minimum of three months for these scores to be received by the Putnam County Personnel Department. Once received, the Personnel Department will process the results and notify you as soon as possible.

Your results will be sent the method you select on your application, email or USPS.  If you select USPS as your mode of communication, you must include 2 self-addressed stamped envelopes-one for the admission letter and one for the results.


What benefits do veterans receive on exams?

If you are a veteran of the Armed Forces of the United States, you may be eligible to receive additional credits in competitive civil service examinations. The additional credits are added only to passing examination scores; the additional credits may not be applied to raise a failing grade to a passing one. Click here for more information or look at the following forms:

Veterans Credit Application

Instructions for Veterans Application

Veterans Disability Record Authorization Form

What is the “Rule of Three?”

The Rule of Three states that on any given exam, you are eligible for consideration to the position if your score is better than or equal to the third best score among all test takers.

If I pass the exam, how long can I remain on the eligible list?

Continuous Recruitment exams’ eligibility is good for one year. Open Competitive exams can be established for a minimum of one to a maximum of four years. In most cases, Putnam County OC eligible lists are established for four years. You will be informed of the duration of your eligible list in your letter.

What should I do if I am scheduled to take more than one exam on a day?

If you have applied to take an examination announced by more than one local jurisdiction (county, town, city) scheduled to be held on the same test date, you must notify each of the local jurisdictions as early as possible (no later than two weeks before the test date), so that arrangements can be made for taking all examinations at one test site. You must inform each jurisdiction of all examination titles and numbers, and at which jurisdiction you want to sit for the examinations. Please note that all examinations for positions in State government must be taken at a State examination center. Click here for a printable Cross Filing Form.

What is the difference between an open competitive and a promotional exam?

An open competitive exam is open to any person in the general public who meets the minimum qualifications listed on the exam announcement. If you do not meet these minimum requirements and apply for the exam, your application will be disqualified and the exam fee will not be refunded. To be eligible for a promotional exam, you must already have permanent competitive class status in the Putnam County jurisdiction for which promotion is sought.

Will exams be cancelled in inclement weather?

In rare cases, an examination may be postponed if weather conditions are unsafe. In such cases, call 845-808-1650 for recorded information available 24 hours. Also, announcements will be made over the radio on WHUD (100.7 FM). If an examination is postponed due to weather conditions, a new examination date will be set as soon as possible. Candidates will be notified of such new examination date by Putnam County Personnel Department as soon as information becomes available.

How much work experience should I include on my application?  Each exam states minimum qualifications to be met in order to take the exam.  You should include enough information to meet the minimum qualifications stated.  If this includes education, you must include all education required to meet the minimum qualifications.

 Should I attach a resume?

You can, but it will not be utilized in order for you to meet minimum qualifications.  Most resumes do not include the information as required in the work experience section of the application.