Signing up for NY-Alert is very easy! Follow these step by step instructions and you will be on your way to receiving the latest news and updates for emergencies in your area.

  1. Go to


  2. Click on “Click to Sign In”


  3. If you already have a NY-Alert Civilian account go to Step7.  If you do not have an account Click on “Enroll”


  4. Complete the requested information.  Click “Create Account” when done.


  5. You will receive an email similar to the one below.  Click on the confirmation link.


  6.  After clicking the link you will be brought to the following screen.  Click the “Log In” button.


  7. Type in your E-mail Address and your Password then Click the “Sign In” button.


  8. Click on “Start the Wizard”


  9. Complete Your Contact Information.  You may add as much or as little information as you would like.  Keep in mind that the more avenues you provide for notification, the better the odds of reaching you during an event.  Click on “Continue To Next Step”


  10. Select a time that you would like NY-Alert to contact you to complete the verification process.  During the time you provide NY-Alert will call any phone numbers you have provided.  This is a recorded message and all you have to do is press a key on your phone to confirm that you own the phone number.  Click on “Continue”


  11. For the next step you can provide any area of interest in New York State.   For any areas you provide, you will receive updates from NYS (not Putnam County) for events that may be impacting that particular area.  For example if a tornado were touching down in Carmel NY and you added that as a Location of Interest, you would receive a notification from the National Weather Service.


  12. Once the location is confirmed (you must add at least one) you may enter as many additional locations as you wish.


  13. At this point you may want to consider unselecting the events within the box.  Some of these events can generate numerous notifications.  You may change these at any time so if you leave weather on (for example) and find that you are receiving too many notifications, you can return to this portal and change your preferences.Picture13

  14. Select “Add Routine Notifications”


  15. Click the drop down menu next to Filter by Category and select “All Categories”, then click the drop down menu next to Relevant to Location and select “Any Location”.


  16. Here is where you can subscribe for “Routine Notifications” that are sent out by the Putnam County Office of Emergency Management and by your local Municipalities.   Click on “Subscribe” next to the Notifications you would like to receive.


  17. In the “Preferred Notification Method” select the notification method that you would like to use (E-Mail, Phone, Pager, Etc.).  We strongly suggest you leave it set to the default of “No Preference – Use Any Means Selected by Notifications”.    Click “Subscribe”.


  18. You have completed your enrollment for NY-Alert.