The Office, open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm,
provides many vital services to Putnam County residents.

Some of the other services provided by the OEM:
(All of these services are free of charge)

Emergency Planning – The OEM plans for all large-scale emergencies within the
County, such as snowstorms, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, hazardous material
incidents, radiological and public health emergencies.

Emergency Operations Center Activation – We are responsible for activation and
operation of the County Emergency Operations Center for long-term, large-scale
emergencies to manage the emergency through coordination, communication
and sharing of resources, all through the National Incident Management System.

Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance – They document and coordinate
this program which assists small businesses after severe damage from flooding, high
winds or fire. Small businesses and homeowners may be eligible for low interest,
long-term loans from the SBA.

Presidential Disaster Declaration – The OEM gathers documentation for submission
to federal and state governments for monetary disaster relief.

Emergency Equipment Stockpile – The OEM can access the state’s emergency
equipment stockpile during emergency situations, if needed.

Weather Alerts for Schools and Public Officials – The OEM relays severe weather
alerts to Putnam school districts and notifies police, county agencies and local
governments during other watches and warnings.

County Energy Coordinator – They act as County Energy Coordinator during fuel
emergencies and applies to the New York Energy Office for emergency fuel allocations.

Trains Emergency Management Personnel and Performs Drills and Exercises
The OEM annually trains over 500 people involved in the Radiological Emergency
Response Plan relating to the Indian Point nuclear power plants, and conducts a
full-scale exercise of the Plan.

Putnam Emergency and Amateur Repeater League (PEARL) – The OEM cooperates
with PEARL by providing space in its communications building on Mount Nimham
for PEARL’s radio equipment and office space for its monthly meetings and training
sessions. In return, PEARL participates in the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency
Service (RACES) and cooperates during the annual exercises and actual emergencies
which occur in Putnam.

Enhanced 911 Telephone System – The OEM is responsible for the coordination
of address changes initiated by towns and villages and which are required for the
operation of E-911.