About P.C.B.E.S

PCBES: The Putnam County Bureau of Emergency Services is dedicated to provide prompt and efficient emergency assistance to residents and visitors of Putnam County.

The Bureau maintains a county-wide communications organization and is responsible for the operations & maintenance of the Enhanced 911 system.  The Bureau Emergency Management directorate plans for response, remediation / mitigation and recovery from natural and manmade disasters including those resulting from biological, nuclear, incendiary, chemical and explosive causes.

The Bureau manages and administrates a program of quality training for Fire and EMS agencies in accordance with State and Federal guidelines, manages an advanced life support system, maintains a stockpile of emergency Supplies and Equipment as may be required and oversees a variety of special response teams – who are prepared and equip to respond to any situation of event.

New Training Courses

Weekly Announcements


The PC Chiefs Association will meet at the Putnam Lake Fire Dept. on February 20th beginning at 8:00PM

The FAB will meet on February 25th beginning at 7:00PM (note date change due to the holiday on February 18)

The Fire Investigation Team Meeting will be on Tuesday, February 26th at the TOPS Building beginning at 7:00PM


There will be an Incident Safety Officer Class beginning on February 13th beginning at 7:00 PM at the Fire Training Center

Hazmat Tech Training will be held at the TOPS Building on Wednesday, February 20th and Thursday, February 21st beginning at 6:30PM

There will be a BEFO/SCBA class starting on February 21st at 6:30 PM at the Fire Training Center.  Please forward applications to the Bureau ASAP

There will be an EMT-Basic Refresher Course beginning on 2/26 at 7:00PM at the TOPS Building

There will be a CME on Immunology and Toxicology at Garrison VAC on February 27th beginning at 7:00 PM


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