PC Golf Course will remain open during the COVID-19 outbreak

As warm spring days begin, County Executive MaryEllen Odell wants to remind residents to practice safe social distancing while enjoying Putnam County Golf Course.

Putnam’s public golf course, like public courses in Westchester County, Orange County and the New York State parks, will remain open during the COVID-19 outbreak, with some activities curtailed to promote safe practices.

“Public health is always our first priority, and playing golf remains one of the few recreational activities that can be enjoyed while social distancing, just like biking on the trailway or hiking in the nature preserves,” Odell said. “Taking advantage of safe outdoor activities will help us keep our mental health and optimism intact. We’ve overcome crises before and we’ll get through this, too.”

Michael McCall, general manager of the Putnam County Golf Course, said all food and beverage operations have been closed in order to conform with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Executive Order.

“First and foremost, in conformance with the Center for Disease Control guidelines, social distancing must be practiced at all times,” McCall said. “Our policies will also continue to evolve to adhere to all local, state and national guidelines and recommendations.”

McCall, who is also executive director of MetGCSA, the golf course superintendents’ association, consulted with industry experts and sought state guidance before recommending the course remain open with the following changes in place:

  1. If anyone is showing signs of being ill, they will not be permitted.
  2. All nonessential touch points have been removed, such as hole pins, water coolers, ball washers, and bunker rakes.
  3. Golfers are encouraged to walk the course and golf carts are limited to one rider. All golf carts are cleaned and sanitized after use and golfers are provided with personal sanitizing wipes. 
  4. Public facilities are limited to ensure social distancing and are cleaned and sanitized regularly.
  5. Only reservations are accepted. Walk-ons are not permitted.
  6. No cash transactions are accepted, and customers must manually swipe their own cards.

The course is in the process of requiring online, prepaid reservations to further social distancing.

As is the case with everything else surrounding this public health crises, Odell said, this is a fluid situation that we will continue to monitor and respond to accordingly.

For the latest information check the Putnam County Golf Course website:  https://www.putnamcountygc.com/