ONE Additional COVID-19 Lab Confirmed Case in Putnam

In addition to this morning’s announcement of three new positive coronavirus cases, the Putnam County Department of Health (PCDOH) confirms an additional case, bringing the total count up to six confirmed positive cases in Putnam County.

The individuals have been quarantined at home and will continue to be monitored carefully. Our communicable disease staff are interviewing these individuals to learn about their movements, and identify all close contacts. Contact tracing then begins, which includes asking for a detailed history of where they have traveled, worked, shopped, and more. On the basis of these answers, communicable disease staff will compile a list of people who may have been potentially exposed. Staff then contacts each of these people to explain their risk. Regular communication and monitoring for symptoms of the disease continue for these contacts.

The PCDOH and the County Executive are making every effort to keep you as informed as possible. Moving forward, new positive case numbers and increased totals will be released at noon and 4 p.m. daily on the Putnam County website.

We do not release the name or town of the residents who have positive results. PCDOH follows HIPAA (patient privacy) and New York State DOH regulations, protecting this information.