Odell hosts meet and greet with Danbury Mayor Boughton

BREWSTER, NY – Recognizing the partnership between the City of Danbury and Putnam County, County Executive MaryEllen Odell welcomed Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton to Tilly’s Table on Thursday, Nov. 14 to casually meet with Putnam community leaders and officials.

“Mayor Boughton understands that you cannot let boundaries prevent progress,” said Odell. “By crossing the New York-Connecticut state line we are able to work together and improve both communities.”

Odell and her administration have been in talks with officials from Danbury on social and economic issues. Most significantly, the two municipalities are working to extend the Danbury sewer line into Southeast along the Route 6 corridor.

“Living in a silo from your neighbor limits your potential,” said Boughton. “Being able to collaborate with County Executive Odell has ignited new ideas on how we can better serve our residents while being able to save our taxpayers money.”

Boughton, who serving his eighth consecutive term as the mayor of Danbury, set up an exploratory committee to consider a 2018 Connecticut gubernatorial run.