Nicole Addimando Found Guilty

CARMEL, NEW YORK – April 15, 2019: Putnam County District Attorney Robert Tendy announced today the conviction of Nicole Addimando for Murder in the Second Degree for the fatal shooting of her boyfriend, Christopher Grover. On Friday April 12, 2019 a Dutchess County jury convicted Addimando after three days of deliberation.

The crime occurred in Dutchess County, but Tendy’s office agreed to handle the prosecution as a result of a conflict of interest in the Dutchess County District Attorney’s Office. Tendy assigned Putnam County Chief Assistant Chana Krauss to prosecute the case.

Addimando was in her car sitting at a traffic light at 2 a.m. on September 28, 2017, sometime after the shooting. She did not move the car despite light changes. Town of Poughkeepsie Police Officer Richard Sisilli approached the car and Addimando got out saying that she had just killed her boyfriend in self-defense. She claimed she had been abused for years by Grover. She was brought in for questioning, and eventually arrested.

ADA Krauss and Putnam DA Investigator Michael Benvie began a painstaking six-month investigation of the case involving phone records, internet searches, computer forensics, dozens of interviews, and more. As a result of the information learned during the investigation, the inconsistencies in the defendant’s alleged history of abuse and her claims of self-defense, and the overwhelming evidence of intentional murder, Krauss indicted Addimando and proceeded to trial. She was assisted by Putnam ADA Larry Glasser.

Valuable assistance was also provided by the Town of Poughkeepsie Police, New York State Police, Investigator Matthew Tunney of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department, Investigator Jessica Cundari, and many others. The evidence showed that despite Addimando’s claim of self-defense Grover was killed by a point blank shot to his head while he was sleeping on his couch. At trial, Deputy Medical Examiner Kia Newman testified the gunshot wound to Mr. Grover’s temple was a hard, tight, contact wound caused by the muzzle of the gun pressed directly to Grover’s temple as he lay on his couch. Other evidence indicated that prior to the shooting the defendant had done internet searches on “what will happen if someone was asleep and then someone shot them in the head? Will they wake up or die instantly?”

“Chief Assistant Krauss, Investigator Benvie, ADA Glasser and so many others just did an unbelievable job on this case,” Tendy said. “It was one of the most painstaking and professional investigations and prosecutions I’ve ever seen. This case was tragic. Christopher Grover was a loving father, son, brother and nephew. I just hope the guilty verdict can bring some relief to his family and friends.”

The defendant faces 25 years to life. She will be sentenced on June 10, 2019.

19-01 – PUTNAM DA PRESS RELEASE – Addimando Guity