Names Needed for Tilly Foster Chicks

August 14, 2014

Names Needed for Tilly Foster Chicks


Teresa Delahanty, the veterinary technician who now resides at Putnam’s Tilly Foster Farm, has chosen names for some of the 21 chicks that arrived last week and are now residing in the beautiful, handmade chicken coop donated by Eagle Scout Thomas Quinn.


“As I spend more time with these babies, I am learning their personalities and the names just come to me,” Delahanty said. “We have Sassafras, who is a bit on the sassy side but likes to give hugs. She really does. She wraps her little neck around mine when I hold her close. It’s so adorable. Then we have Rosie, a reddish colored chick and she is a real sweetheart who just loves to be held.”


Other names Delahanty has chosen include Sophie, Fiona, Alice and Tina – for one chick who reminds Delahanty of singer Tina Turner. Another chick was dubbed Lady in Red.

County Executive MaryEllen Odell named the only identified rooster Walker for her Deputy County Executive Bruce Walker. The Walker family raised the chicks from day-olds and donated the brood to the farm.


While she has enjoyed choosing some of the names, Delahanty wants to share the fun with the public and so she is asking for help in finding names for the remainder of the flock which is comprised of Frizzle Cochin, Buff Silkie Bantams, Golden Polish, Buff Laced Polish, Red Star, Barred Rock and Ameracaunas.


Pictures of the yet to be named month-old chicks can be found on the Tilly Foster Farm Facebook page ( ). Participants will be able to leave their name selections and those with the most ‘likes’ will be given to the chicks. The naming fun will continue through August 29.


Residents are asked to check to Tilly Foster Farm website at for updated postings of news, events and photos of goings-on at the 199-acre county-owned farm located on Route 312 in the Town of Southeast.