Legislator Carl L. Albano

Eastern half of Lake Carmel
Hamlet of Carmel
Western side of Town of Patterson
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Personal Message:

Putnam County has been my home for over 50 years. I am honored to represent Legislative District #5 which includes the Hamlet of Carmel, a section of Lake Carmel, Kent, and parts of Mahopac. My wife, Anita, was born here and together we raised our five children. Together we own and operate a business in Mahopac that we started 45 years ago. This year, 2022, will be my 12th and final year serving as a County Legislator since the Legislative Board in 2013 unanimously voted for term limits. Being a local business owner and having a large extended family makes me very familiar with the challenges the community faces to enjoy a quality and sustainable lifestyle in Putnam County. To achieve this, I believe government fiscal responsibility is imperative. I support quality and responsible commercial growth, since sales tax is essential to offset property taxes and create jobs for our residents. The County Administration and Legislators have prioritized our seniors and veterans. I will continue with that focus and add attention to our young adults who are finding it financially difficult to live in New York. I will use my skills and experience to move Putnam forward in the years ahead and address issues such as affordable housing and local jobs for our youth.

I welcome the opportunity to speak with you. I can be reached through the Legislature Office: 845-808-1020 or at my Personal Office: 845-621-1000.  Again, I would like to thank my constituents for the confidence they have placed in me and for the honor of serving as a Putnam County Legislator.


Phone:  845-808-1020