Lake Gleneida Trail, Carmel

Location: Carmel
Distance: 1.9 miles
Skill Level: easy, good for little walkers; out-and-back with a few wet, swampy areas that kids will love.

 The trail entrance is located adjacent to street parking along 301.

Walk toward the lake through any opening.  Walk away from 52 and you will start to see the white trail signs and kiosks.  Follow the markers for a bit,and take the path on the left to the “peaceful spot” viewpoint to take in the entire lake.  American flags, honoring Veterans and First Responders are displayed along the northern shore from Memorial to Labor Day, and Christmas trees line the shoreline in December.   Back track back to the main white trail and head left.  You’ll pass over a driveway and cross over around a dozen boardwalks.  The trail follows the edge of the lake.  You’ll hit the property line for the big white house on the end and turn around.

Wow Factor: the “peaceful spot” overlooking the lake and the GIANT oak tree located on the back side of the lake. Take your photo in front of the “Gleneida Oak” and post it to our Putnam County Tourism page on Facebook.

Lake Gleneida is also a favorite fishing and birding spot.

When fishing, please follow all NYS DEC guidelines.