Brewster, NY—Flu activity is now widespread in New York State, according the State Health Commissioner,
Nirav R. Shah, MD, with 45 out of 62 counties now reporting confirmed flu cases. In Putnam County, 18 cases
have been reported. This broad-based circulation in the state follows reports from Texas health officials of a
cluster of cases of severe influenza-like illness that put 8 people in the hospital, with 4 resulting in death.
Nationwide many cases have been identified among young and middle-aged adults and linked to influenza A
(H1N1), the same strain of virus that circulated widely in 2009, also known as “swine flu.”

“The bottom line is if you have not yet received a flu shot, get one,” says Allen Beals, M.D., Putnam
County Commissioner of Health. “It’s late, but not too late, and this year’s vaccine offers protection against the
H1N1 flu strain.”

Flu vaccine is widely available at health care provider offices and pharmacies. Residents can also
contact the Immunization Program at the PCDOH at 808-1332 to make an appointment for the shot for a $25
fee that covers the cost of the vaccine and its administration.

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