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Putnam County

Bureau of Emergency Services

IPEC Full Volume Siren Test

Full Volume Test For Indian Point
Wednesday March 15, 2023 at 10:30 AM


There are currently NO closings

Emergency Management

  • About

    We bring you information regarding weather systems, school closings, hazardous events in the community and how to navigate these things safely. We are the department that handles and oversees:

    • Emergency Planning
    • County Communication
    • Disaster Assistance
    • EOC Activations
    • Weather Alerts
    • List of Closings
    • Hazmat
    • Technical Rescue
  • Services

    Emergency Planning – The OEM plans for all large-scale emergencies within the County, such as snowstorms, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, hazardous material
    incidents, radiological and public health emergencies.

    Emergency Operations Center Activation – We are responsible for activation and operation of the County Emergency Operations Center for long-term, large-scale emergencies to manage the emergency through coordination, communication and sharing of resources, all through the National Incident Management System.

    Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance – They document and coordinate this program which assists small businesses after severe damage from flooding, high
    winds or fire. Small businesses and homeowners may be eligible for low interest, long-term loans from the SBA.

    Presidential Disaster Declaration – The OEM gathers documentation for submission to federal and state governments for monetary disaster relief.

    Emergency Equipment Stockpile – The OEM can access the state’s emergency equipment stockpile during emergency situations, if needed.

    Weather Alerts for Schools and Public Officials – The OEM relays severe weather alerts to Putnam school districts and notifies police, county agencies and local
    governments during other watches and warnings.

    County Energy Coordinator – They act as County Energy Coordinator during fuel emergencies and applies to the New York Energy Office for emergency fuel allocations.

    Trains Emergency Management Personnel and Performs Drills and Exercises 
    The OEM annually trains over 500 people involved in the Radiological Emergency Response Plan relating to the Indian Point nuclear power plants, and conducts a full-scale exercise of the Plan.

    Putnam Emergency and Amateur Repeater League (PEARL) – The OEM cooperates with PEARL by providing space in its communications building on Mount Nimham
    for PEARL’s radio equipment and office space for its monthly meetings and training sessions. In return, PEARL participates in the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) and cooperates during the annual exercises and actual emergencies which occur in Putnam.

    Enhanced 911 Telephone System – The OEM is responsible for the coordination of address changes initiated by towns and villages and which are required for the operation of E-911.

  • NY-Alert

    What is NY-Alert?

    It is the New York State All-Hazards Alert and Notification web-based portal. It is part of New York State’s ongoing commitment to provide New Yorkers with information so that they will understand the risks and threats that they may face and know how to respond accordingly. This was put in place to make sure that our citizens are prepared as possible for any emergencies that may arise. One of the keys to preparedness is having up-to-date information.

    NY- Alert contains critical emergency-related information including instructions and recommended protective actions developed in real-time by emergency service personnel. Concurrent with the posting to this website, that same information will be disseminated through various communications systems (e.g. email, cell phones, media outlets) to those who sign up.

    The information posted here will include severe weather warnings, significant highway closures, hazardous materials spills, and many other emergency conditions. Additionally you will find information regarding response actions being taken by local and state agencies and protective actions that you should take to protect you, your family and your property.

    Why should I sign up?

    By signing up for NY-Alert, you can receive warnings and emergency information via the web, your cell phone, email and other technologies. Signing up for NY Alert is free. Your information is protected and never shared with anyone else. You can modify what type of information you receive or unsubscribe at any time. It is a tool to provide you with critical information when you may need it most.

  • Indian Point


    There have been two important changes at the Indian Point Energy Center that affect emergency planning in Putnam County. First, both plants have shut down and second, the nuclear fuel has been removed from the reactors.  Decommissioning activities are underway to move fuel to dry cask storage. Since the fuel has been removed from the reactor and will be placed in long-term storage in the casks, there is no longer any significant risk of radiological emergency at the site affecting Putnam County.

    There is no longer any need to move children to an alternate school outside of the 10 mile emergency planning zone and the risk of radioiodine exposure in the zone has been greatly reduced so that the administration of Potassium Iodide (KI) is no longer needed.

    Until the Nuclear Regulatory Commission formally approves the new decommissioning plan for Indian Point, expected in early 2023, the sirens and EAS system will remain operational. After the plan is approved, the sirens, the EAS and the 10 mile emergency planning zone around Indian Point will no longer be required.

    Putnam County will continue to monitor the decommissioning process as it progresses and maintain emergency plans commensurate for the hazards at the site.

  • Mitigation

    What is Mitigation? The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) defines mitigation as the effort to reduce loss of life and property by lessening the impact of disasters. FEMA encourages taking action now in order to reduce extensive loss later. The Bureau of Emergency Services along with County, Town, and Village  representatives are currently working together in order to create a Putnam County Hazard Mitigation Plan. The plans main objective is to fix current problem areas and mitigate future problems throughout the County. This federally ran plan through FEMA provides federal support and resources for the County and its municipalities. In the event of a disaster this plan will help provide additional resources and support the affected communities and the County; as a result investing in long-term community well-being. Without mitigation actions safety, financial security, and self-reliance are jeopardized.

    Why is Mitigation Important?

    • Disasters can happen at anytime and anyplace; their human and financial consequences are hard to predict.
    • The number of disasters each year is increasing, but only 50% of events trigger Federal assistance.
    • FEMA’s mitigation programs help reduce the impact of events—and our dependence on taxpayers and the Treasury for disaster relief.

Training Courses

  • Why Learn?

    Emergency Medical training provides the knowledge, confidence, and skills to stay calm in a medical emergency

    Can you stand by when a loved one needs help?

    Being able to act when a loved one is in need of medical assistance could be the difference between life and death

    Learn Confidence

    Our class are hands-on and interactive. Work on life-like mannequins, experience tools of the trade and learn how it feels to execute life saving techniques

  • In a crisis, the community sends its best as first responders. Among them are EMTs trained to save lives. The education of an EMT starts on day one in the classroom and never ends.

    To learn about training for

    • Certified First Responder (CFR)
    • Emergency Medical Technician–Basic (EMT-B)
    • Advanced Emergency Medical Technician–Intermediate (AEMT-I)
    • Advanced Emergency Medical Technician–Critical Care (AEMT-CC)
    • Advanced Emergency Medical Technician–Paramedic (AEMT-P)

    In your community, each Regional EMS Council receives notification of upcoming course. The Regional Council should be your first contact to determine what courses are planned for your area.

    Only Bureau of EMS approved Course Sponsors are allowed to teach the New York State Bureau of EMS certification courses listed above.


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The Putnam County Bureau of Emergency Services is dedicated to provide prompt and efficient emergency assistance to residents and visitors of Putnam County.

The Bureau maintains a county-wide communications organization and is responsible for the operations & maintenance of the Enhanced 911 system. The Bureau Emergency Management directorate plans for response, remediation / mitigation and recovery from natural and manmade disasters including those resulting from biological, nuclear, incendiary, chemical and explosive causes.

Putnam County Office Building

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