Improve Your Wellbeing in the Outdoors and Free & Easy Selfcare

Improve Your Wellbeing in the Outdoors

The seasons are shifting to warmer weather, and time outdoors becomes more appealing. Along with a call to spend time in nature, calendars are booking up with graduations, weddings, barbecues, and other celebrations. After two years of not going many places, busy weekends can feel overwhelming. Get ahead of the stress—schedule time for yourself and be thoughtful about how many invitations to accept.

Putting aside time for yourself outside can be revitalizing while improving your physical and mental wellness. Whether you are with friends or alone, nature has a way of relaxing and reducing stress levels, by lowering your heart rate as well as cortisol levels. Spending time in green spaces can quickly improve your mood.

Free and Easy Self-Care Ideas: Stop to take a few minutes and listen to the birds or the wind in the leaves. Bring your coffee outside and enjoy the stillness of the morning. End your day with meditation, gratitude practice, or yoga outside.

Fortunately, outdoor spaces in Putnam County are plentiful. Residents and visitors have opportunities to recharge and reconnect with nature in beautiful spaces such as the Putnam Trailway, which offers scenic walks with many entrances across Putnam. The Trailway runs through Mahopac, Carmel, and Brewster where it connects to the Maybrook Trail that continues through Patterson. Whether you prefer to walk, run, or bike, you can enjoy views of lakes and woodland areas. You might even spot wildlife from the trail.  A map of the entire Trailway can be found at Take advantage of the season and meet up with a friend, take the dog for a walk, or enjoy solo time on a nearby part of the Trailway.

Over the next few weeks, keep an eye out for more ideas and places to improve your health and wellbeing in Putnam County this summer.