If you Dial 911 by mistake, DO NOT hang up!

What to do if you misdial 911
– Don’t hang up. Stay on the line and talk to the dispatcher, explaining why you called 911 and whether it was in error. A police officer will be sent to your home, but if the dispatcher can determine that it’s not an emergency, the officer can first respond to more important calls.
– If you call accidentally from a cell phone, stay on the line and explain to the dispatcher why or how you called and where you are calling from.
How to avoid misdialing 911
– Take your time when dialing the 914 area code. Wear reading glasses if you can’t see the phone’s keypad.
– Be careful when your phone is in your pocket. Many 911 misdials are done accidentally with cell phones when the caller accidentally hits the memory key programmed for 911.
– Don’t let children play with old cell phones. Even if there is no service on the phone, it is capable of calling 911.
Source: Robert Cuomo, Director Emergency Medical Services, Putnam County.


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