As Impaired Driver Program participants you must attend all seven weekly class meetings of two to three hours in consecutive order, for a total of sixteen hours. When you satisfactorily complete the class sessions, your participation will end UNLESS the program refers you for further evaluation and potential treatment.

Referral to independent evaluation and further treatment can result from:

  • the evaluation of a written self-inventory
  • two or more alcohol or drug related driving convictions within ten years
  • an arrest for an alcohol or drug related driving violation while enrolled in the DDP
  • attending class under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • a request by the student for help with a substance abuse problem or voluntary disclosure that student is currently in treatment.

In the above cases, DDP participants will be sent from the classroom phase to formal substance abuse evaluation.

If you are referred for outside evaluation, you may choose a provider from a list supplied by the DDP. If you are not satisfied with the results of the third-party evaluation you may contact the DDP director and request a second evaluation. The findings of the second evaluation are binding.

After evaluation you may be required to complete a formal substance abuse treatment program. If you fail to complete the required treatment you will be expelled from the DDP and your conditional license will be revoked.

Upon completion of all the program requirements you will receive a “Notice of Completion” (MV-2026). A copy of your completion notice will be sent to DMV. Depending upon your license status and driving record, your license will be reinstated or you will be eligible to apply for a new license.

You may not be eligible to apply right away if:

  • your conditional license is under revocation
  • you were under 21 when the violation occurred
  • you refused to submit to a chemical test on the date of the violation
  • you committed the alcohol or drug violation while operating a commercial motor vehicle.

However if this is your second offense, the latest 2012 regulations stipulate that you must complete the full suspension period, which is:

  • DWAI: 90 days
  • DWI: 6 months.

 Subsequent to completing the full suspension period, you may go to DMV at which you signed up for the DDP class and reclaim your driver’s license if there are no other restrictions, including:

  • refusal to submit to a chemical test
  • violation of a commercial driver’s license (CDL)
  • probation.

Together we can all work toward greater safety on the road for our drivers and our families.

Thank you,

Thomas Doherty, DDP Director