Hudson Valley Shakespeare Update to Summer Schedule

In this time of uncertainty, for both our schedule and yours, we’ve developed a new way to dream about summer — we’re rolling out an OPEN AIR FLEXPASS. These passes are like gift certificates, but instead of cash value, they are directly redeemable for one ticket. When our calendar is confirmed, log into your account and your OPEN AIR FLEXPASS will be automatically applied to the tickets in your cart. In the circumstance that the pandemic prevents HVSF from producing a season this summer, patrons will be able to use their OPEN AIR FLEXPASS for any performance in June of the 2021 Season.

With this pass — you’re committing to HVSF, not to a specific night or production, but to our institution, to the artists you’ve grown to love, and to the value of theater in our community.

You’re also saving up to 44% off regular ticket prices.

To redeem these passes once our revised calendar goes live, simply log in to your account and add eligible tickets to the cart. The passes will be applied in the Payment screen.

In Shakespeare’s day, you could pay a penny to stand in front of the stage, two to sit on a bench, and three to sit on a cushioned bench. In a nod to our namesake, we have three OPEN AIR FLEXPASS levels to choose from: