Health Department Releases Three 2022 Survey Reports

PCDOH is releasing a trio of reports from surveys conducted in 2022 They are part of the tri-annual community health assessment, often referred to simply as the “CHA.” The complete regional and county level CHA and Putnam County’s community health improvement plan, known as the “CHIP,” will be released by year-end. The surveys and reports are part of an ongoing process to improve residents’ health and well-being led by the health department, in collaboration with Putnam Hospital Center and a myriad of other county agencies and community-based organizations. The collaborative work includes investigating, strategizing and implementing evidence-based interventions to achieve health for all by ending health inequities. Reducing and illuminating health disparities has been a part of the New York State Prevention Agenda since 2008, but a much more public spotlight has been cast on these longstanding inequities during the COVID pandemic.