Halloween has a new look!

Halloween is going to look a little different than usual, as with so much this year. The typical trick-or-treating and trunk-or-treating are considered high risk activities according to the CDC’s Halloween guidelines, however, there are still ways to have an enjoyable and fun Halloween. Lower risk activities to enjoy on Halloween can be done with your household members, or with friends, socially-distanced outside. Keep in mind, a Halloween mask does not replace a cloth face covering.

A festive neighborhood Halloween decorating contest topped off with a walk or drive-by parade is a fun lower risk activity. You can even incorporate a scavenger hunt to keep the kids on their toes. For festive  candy-free options, try a virtual costume or pumpkin decorating contest. For younger kids, schedule a not-so-scary movie night, complete with popcorn and other treats.

It can be hard to physically distance when partaking in traditional trick-or-treating or trunk-or-treating. But there are fun and creative ways to reduce person-to-person contact while getting into the tricky spirit of Halloween!

  • Create a “candy graveyard”: Place bags of candy on sticks in the front yard.
  • Make it a DIY family activity! Design a contactless delivery method. Try a basket on a pulley, or a PVC candy chute.
  • Repurpose a household item: Turn a reaching tool into a candy grabber!

Make sure to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer frequently and wear a face covering if you are handing out candy.

If you decide to take your children trick-or-treating, stick with household members only, stay at least six feet away from other families and make sure that you and all children older than two are wearing appropriate cloth face coverings. Remember, a Halloween mask does not replace a cloth face covering. Along with the COVID specific precautions, the usual Halloween safety precautions should still be taken: Children should be accompanied by an adult and should have reflectors on their costumes so they can be seen by motorists. Have a great idea on how to keep Halloween safe and fun? Share it with friends and neighbors!

Click here for the New York State Department of Health Halloween Dos and Don’ts