FOR IMMMEDIATE RELEASE: Putnam High Schools Excel in Graduation Ratings


MaryEllen Odell
Putnam County Executive
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Putnam High Schools Excel in Graduation Ratings

While area high schools graduated more teenagers last year than other high schools across the state, only a portion of them are actually ready for college or jobs according to data released by the state Education Department. Putnam schools ranked first in the state with an 89.6 graduation rate.

“As a graduate of Carmel High School myself, and a parent of two CHS graduates, I’m quite pleased to see our Putnam schools be recognized for their excellent graduation rate by the state’s Education Department,” said County Executive MaryEllen Odell. “I am proud of all of our school districts’ administrators and staff for doing so much to prepare our students for success.”

The Aspirational Performance Measure used by the state suggests students who receive a grade of 75 or better on their English Regents exam and an 80 or better on their a math Regents are better prepared for life after high school than their counterparts who do not score as well.

The state report covered graduation rates among students who started high school in 2008 and graduated in 2012. Across the state, 74 percent of students graduated in 2012 as did in 2011.

Superintendent of Haldane Central School District Mark Villanti said Putnam is known for its high graduation rates.

“We’ve had a 98 percent graduation rate and 100 percent of our graduating class has been accepted to college,” he said.

“I believe a real effort is made by everyone in our school districts from the superintendents and teachers right down to the school monitors,” said Odell. “These individuals impact on our children on a daily basis throughout the school year and many remain as role models for our students throughout their lives. Each has contributed to the raising of the educational bar here in Putnam and in making sure our young people are prepared for life as they graduate from their respective high schools,” said Odell.