FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sant Announcs Availability of ‘Opt Out’ Forms for Pistol Permit Holders, Odell Urges Residents to Get ‘Opt Out’ Forms


MaryEllen Odell
Putnam CountyExecutive
(845) 808-1001

Dennis J. Sant
Putnam CountyClerk
(845) 808-1142

February 21, 2013

Sant Announcs Availability of ‘Opt Out’ Forms for Pistol Permit Holders

Odell Urges Residents to Get ‘Opt Out’ Forms

The New York Safe Gun Act which was signed into law last month by Gov. Andrew Cuomo provides specific exemptions for pistol permit holders who wish not to have their personal information made public. At the time the bill was passed, it was announced the “Opt Out” forms would be made available within a month’s time.

Putnam County Clerk Dennis Sant announced today the NYS Firearms License Request for Public Records Exemption form – also known as the “Opt Out” form – is now available at every town and village hall in the county. It is also available online at the county’s website: Those seeking to opt out based on reasons including personal safety concerns or that their families may be endangered or harassed, should click on the CountyClerk link to download a PDF version of the form.

“We now want to make sure all pistol license holders have the opportunity to take advantage of this new provision,” said Sant. “To that end we have placed the “Opt Out” forms in every town and village hall across Putnam. It is also available at our office and on our website.”

“Finally, permit holders in Putnam County can officially opt not to have their names and addresses made public,” said Odell referencing last December’s FOIL request made to Sant by the Journal News.

The newspaper sought the names and addresses of all Putnam residents who held a gun permit.  Sant refused to comply with the newspaper’s FOIL request citing privacy and safety issues. Odell backed Sant’s decision as did District Attorney Adam Levy.

The newspaper sought identical information from Westchester and Rockland clerks who complied. The Journal News then published an interactive map on their website containing the names and addresses of all permit holders in those counties. The public posting caused immediate outrage among permit holders. After several weeks and much debate, the Journal News removed the information.

Permit holders will be required to complete all relevant portions of the form and to sign and date it. The completed form can be returned in person or mailed to: Putnam County Clerk’s Office, CountyOfficeBuilding, Room 100, 40 Gleneida Avenue, Carmel, NY10512.

For further information, contact First Deputy County Clerk Michael Bartolotti at (845) 808-1142 x 40303.