FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Putnam Pro Offers More Than Just Golf Lessons: He Teaches Golf Equipment


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Putnam Pro Offers More Than Just Golf Lessons: He Teaches Golf Equipment

It’s a new season, a new look and a new direction at Putnam County Golf Club

Everything old is new again and that’s quite evident at Putnam County Golf Course, the former Putnam National located at 187 Hill Street in Mahopac. Among the many new amenities available in the lower level of the clubhouse at the 18-hole championship course are The Fairways at Putnam, the newly refurbished café and grille operated by Homestyle Caterers, an updated Pro Shop and redecorated hallways and locker rooms for men and women.

Another new addition to the facility is also a first – the Club Repair and Fitting Center which is operated by Head PGA Professional Jim Woods.  The shiny stainless steel and wood trimmed center is where the latest technology in fitting a golf club to a golfer takes place and in much the same manner as used by the golf professionals on tour. 

“The better the golf equipment fits the golfer, the more confident they feel,” said Woods who hails from upstate New York. “It’s important that you get the right grip size, the right shaft length and flex, and the right lie angle. In here, we can adjust any golf club from head to grip.”

Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell, alongtime avid golfer, can attest to the importance of having the right grips on a set of golf clubs. Shortly before playing in the Carmel PBA outing recently, she hired Woods to re-grip her clubs.

“After playing with the same grips for 15 years, Jim convinced me it was time for new ones. And what a difference! The new grips have seriously changed my game,” Odell said. 

Woods has had plenty of experience fitting golf clubs to golfers. The former pro at IBM County Club in Binghamton and Forsgate Country Club in Monroe Township, NJ, Woods opened his own golf school and repair center at the Twin Brook Golf Center in Tinton Falls, NJ. He ran that successful operation for five years until Hurricane Sandy struck and he lost his rented space. 

But Twin Brook’s loss is Putnam’s gain.

Now anyone within the area can bring their clubs to PCGC for a fitting.

“We’re a public facility so the goal is to provide this repair and fitting service to a broad-reaching community of golfers. No more crossing state lines or driving great distances. We can do everything right here,” said Woods.

While most golf pros give lessons on how to swing a club properly, Woods also offers lessons in fitting a club properly.

“I educate them on how important it is to have the right set up to benefit their distance, direction, and length. So I call this a lesson in fitting,” he said.

Woods will take a client out to the driving range and let them hit golf balls as he watches, silently assessing their swing and their clubs. He’ll also ask each golfer which is their favorite club, the one they hit the best.

Afterwards, it’s off to the Club Repair and Fitting Center where Woods tests the favored club to measure the flexibility of the shaft. After getting a digital reading and recording it on a chart, he then tests each of the other clubs in the golfer’s bag. After he completes this testing, he can tell the golfer which clubs he or she hits the best.

“It is amazing how accurate this frequency matching is,” said Woods.

From there, it’s a matter of readjusting the clubs to match the golfer. Among the variety of machines and scales in Woods’ shop are a shaft puller, iron and putter fitters, a swing weight scale, a gripper station, and a grinding bench. This machinery belongs to Woods. He brought it with him from New Jersey to Mahopac.

“This is all my shop. My idea. My vision. As far as I’m concerned, setting up here is a win-win,” he said.

Woods said he doesn’t expect every one who plays PCGC to have all of their clubs analyzed, but he knows what the average golfer wants to accomplish and he can help.

“Everybody’s looking for yardage – to hit farther. I want to get you hitting that ball 10 or 15 years farther. And I can do it,” he said.

So there’s a lot more to golf than just hitting a little white ball around.

“Everyone who comes in here learns something,” said Woods. “And that’s one of my goals. To educate them with lessons not only on playing golf, but on the equipment they’re using as well.”

Standing in a corner of his tidy work space, Woods has a golf bag filled with a selection of woods and irons. Woods pulled out one of his favorite clubs which was made in 1999.

“That’s 14 years older than the newest technology,” he said. “But this club still works for me. If it works, you don’t try to fix it,” he laughed. 

PCGC is open to the public seven days a week from 6:30 a.m. until dusk. The Fairways at Putnam is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and offers a $5.99 lunch special with the purchase of a greens fee. To book an online tee time, visit: or call: (845) 808-1880. Veterans registered in Putnam’s Return the F.A.V.O.R. program can play for $29 including a cart or $19 (walking) and will receive a 10% discount on food daily. 

PCGC is now accepting registrations for their Adult Golf Classes and Junior Summer Camp programs.


County Executive MaryEllen Odell visits with Putnam County Golf Course Head PGA professional Jim Woods in his Club Repair and Fitting Center. Players may bring their golf clubs to Woods for adjustments of any kind and, as did Odell, for new grips.


Head PGA Pro Jim Woods demonstrates aligning a club head for proper angle at his Club Repair and Fitting Center located in the lower level of Putnam County Golf Course in Mahopac.