The mission of the Putnam County Tobacco Asset Securitization Corporation is to act as a Legal Conduit between the County of Putnam (which securitized future tobacco revenue streams from the Master Settlement Agreement between tobacco Companies and the New York State Attorney General) and the bond holders that purchased these revenue streams.

PTSAC Board of Governance Information

Board of Directors

  • MaryEllen Odell โ€“ County Executive โ€“ President
  • William J. Carlin, Jr. โ€“ Commissioner of Finance โ€“ Secretary Treasurer
  • Tony Addonizio โ€“ Legislative Chairwoman โ€“ Board Member
  • Joseph Castellano โ€“ Legislator โ€“ Board Member
  • Robert Schanil โ€“ Independent Board Member

Each board member serves on the Governance, Audit, and Finance Committees.
PTASC has adopted the Putnam County code of Ethics.
PTASC owns no real property.

2015 PTASC Measurement Report:ย Report not applicable to PTASC.

Meeting Minutes

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