Virtual Lecture: The Hudson Valley in the Ice Age

October 20, 2022 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Starting about 25,000 years ago, an immense sheet of ice advanced out of Labrador and swept southward across much of North America. A good deal of that ice entered the Hudson Valley and continued all the way to today’s Long Island. During this advance, the ice scoured all of our Hudson Valley and created much of its landscape, especially the Wall of Manitou – the Catskill Front. Later the climate warmed and the ice melted back to the north. Vast quantities of meltwater poured out of the retreating ice and sculpted by erosion a great deal more of our valley’s landscape. Several cycles of glacial advance and retreat occurred, and their combined erosive processes shaped our picturesque scenery. This talk is suitable for a general audience.

Robert and Johanna Titus, retired professors of geology and biology, are popular science writers, focusing on Catskills and Hudson Valley geological histories. They write regular geology columns for three regional magazines and three area newspapers. They maintain a facebook page, “The Catskill Geologist” and a blog, “” They are authors of three books, including “The Hudson Valley in the Ice Age,” “The Catskills: a Geological Guide,” and “The Catskills in the Ice Age, third edition”