Eight Additional COVID-19 Lab Confirmed Cases in Putnam

The Putnam County Department of Health (PCDOH) is confirming eight new positive cases of COVID-19 in Putnam County residents, bringing the total to thirty-nine cases.

COVID-19 is now considered widespread in Putnam County and numbers have reached the point where the PCDOH can report that positive cases have been found in every town. “While this is not the news people want to hear, it is not surprising and we have been preparing for this eventuality. With more testing we will find more residents who test positive for this contagious disease. Why does this matter? It matters because we can now focus time and resources on slowing the spread and flattening the curve. We must do all we can to not overwhelm our health care system, including emergency services. By staying home you can be part of the solution,” says Health Commissioner Michael J. Nesheiwat, MD.

“The Health Department, county agencies and community partners have been working tirelessly to educate residents and encourage them to do their part,” says County Executive MaryEllen Odell. “Right now we have many heroes helping the residents of Putnam County. EMS and healthcare workers are on the frontline. We all have neighbors that are working to keep our essential services, like markets, pharmacies and utilities up and running. We also probably know someone that, if infected, will need serious medical care. For many of us, staying home right now is the one way we can help save lives. Be a hero. Stay home.”

COVID-19 is a rapidly evolving health crisis and the PCDOH will continue to be a reliable source of information.

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