Dangerous cold front has moved into our region bringing lows of -1 F and wind chills of -15 F. These temperatures will pose a danger to humans and animals

As the day progresses we will see the outside temperature dip to a low of -1 F and wind speeds increase. This combination will create dangerous wind chills of -15 F during the overnight. These temperatures are dangerous for humans as well as pets.

The Putnam County Emergency Operations Center continues to monitor the situation. “Going outside, even for a few minutes, could prove deadly if you’re not prepared” said County Executive Odell “if you must go out, dress in layers and make sure your pets are inside and protected from the extreme low temperatures”.

Temperatures are expected to remain bitterly cold through Friday, gradually increasing during the weekend. Make sure you have sufficient fuel for heating as well as the necessary supplies such as food and medications to limit your need to be outside. “Take some time to check on your loved ones, friends and neighbors, especially those that may need extra help during this event” said County Executive Odell.

Some other extreme cold weather tips:

  • keep your head covered
  • wear loose clothing in layers
  • keep your feet dry
  • keep your core warm
  • protect your extremities
  • don’t touch frozen metal

if you are stranded:

  • find shelter – stay in your vehicle
  • clean exterior exhaust on the car to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning
  • improve the visibility of your location
  • stay hydrated
  • melt snow to drink if you have no water available
  • light a fire for warmth and as a signal
  • use any heat source around you to keep yourself warm

Residents are reminded that to report a power outage or downed wires you should call your local utility company; NYSEG 800-572-1131. Central Hudson 845-452-2700 or use their apps.

Please remember to be safe when there are downed power lines. Wires that look dead may still be live and power could be restored at any time making those wires life threatening.

Please call 9-1-1 if you need immediate police, fire or EMS response.