Create a Pollinator Paradise Supporting Pollinators in our Backyards and Gardens

Did you know that your backyard can offer habitat and food for pollinators? The choices you make in planning and caring for your landscape can affect pollinator abundance and species diversity. Just like us, these insects need shelter, food, and an environment safe from harmful chemicals. Below are four steps you can take to make a pollinator paradise.

The Bee-Friendly Backyard

New York is home to over 450 native bee species. Along with the imported honeybee these native bees pollinate agricultural crops and wildflowers. Bees aren’t the only pollinators. Specialized flies, beetles, butterflies, birds and bats pollinate our flowering plants too. But honeybees are familiar and many people have heard about honeybee colony collapse disorder and its possible impacts on our food supply. In 2015, Governor Cuomo established an interagency task force on Pollinators, with several goals, including pollinator habitat enhancement. That’s where you come in.

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