County’s Meunier-Gorman Receives CSEA Award

MaryEllen Odell
Putnam County Executive
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May 8, 2014

County’s Meunier-Gorman Receives CSEA Award

A Putnam County Health Department employee received the William L. McGowan Occupational Safety & Health Award at the 2014 CSEA Occupational Safety and Health Conference held in Lake Placid last weekend. Jane Meunier-Gorman, who serves as the county’s Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) Local 840 president, was honored with the state-wide award for her vigorous activism on behalf of workplace safety and health issues.

A 28-year veteran of the county’s work force, Meunier-Gorman, has not only developed a good working relationship with County officials but has gained their respect as well.

“Jane is a wonderful example of the diligent and dedicated employees we are fortunate to have in Putnam,” said County Executive MaryEllen Odell. “ Her tireless efforts to ensure the health and safety of her fellow employees and her ongoing insistence that they receive required training and participate in the latest safety programs, make her a most deserving recipient of this prestigious award.”

Meunier-Gorman is also a CSEA Health & Safety Peer Trainer. The Putnam County Peer Trainer Team works with and educates co-workers on various safety and health related topics. Last year the team won New York’s Outstanding Peer Training Team of the Year award. 

In a collaborative effort between labor and management, Putnam implemented the state’s first comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention Programs for County Government. This program, and employee training, was in effect prior to the New York State Department of Labor’s deadline for such regulations. Since then, Meunier-Gorman has worked with county officials to review and strengthen the program to benefit all county employees, including management. As a result, Putnam has become a role model for local governments across the state.

Worksite safety and health inspections are another of Meunier-Gorman’s CSEA major concerns. The inspections, which identify potential workplace hazards not only for employees but for visitors as well, help to insure the county avoids costly violations and fines. In addition, she has organized various safety and health training programs not only for county employees but also for those of surrounding townships as well. Through her efforts, CSEA’s Don’t Zone Out program was a catalyst that led to recent legislation creating today’s Move over Law and the Amber Lights Law which require motorists to distance themselves from highway road crews.

“Jane certainly deserves this wonderful recognition,” said Health Commissioner Dr. Allen Beals. “She continuously strives to bring required training and safety programs to all her fellow employees.”


Photo caption: CSEA Executive Vice President Mary E. Sullivan, left, and Southern Region President Billy Riccaldo, center, congratulate Putnam County Local President Jane Meunier-Gorman, right, on receiving the union’s William McGowan Award for Occupational Safety and Health.