County Executive Odell and Chairman Castellano Ready to Work

CARMEL, NY – After being elected chairman of the Putnam County Legislature by his colleagues on Tuesday, Jan. 2, Legislator Joseph Castellano met with Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell to discuss the year’s agenda. With the County already actively engaged in issues such as the opioid crisis, personnel changes and infrastructure issues, the two agreed that Legislature had a lot of work ahead of it and would not wait until February to hold its committee meetings.

“Chairman Castellano understands that we serve the people of Putnam County 12 months of the year and that it is prudent for the Legislature to conduct its committee meetings in January,” said Odell. “We are working hard to address issues that affect our residents and our legislators want to be an active partner in determining the solutions.”

Although Castellano had 30 days to determine the Legislature’s committee organization, he had it posted on the county’s website by Friday, Jan. 5.

“Having been on the Legislature for the past five years and served as the deputy chairman for the past two years, I know that it is best for my colleagues and me to hit the ground running,” said Castellano. “Our committee meetings allow us to discuss in-depth topics as a group with the department heads or other related experts. By holding these meetings in January, we will be setting ourselves up for a very productive year.

Castellano will be heading up the Audit and Administrative Committee as well as the Budget Committee. The legislators chairing the other committees is as follows: Economic Development & Energy Committee – Leg. William Gouldman; Health, Social, Educational & Environmental Committee – Leg. Barbara Scuccimarra; Personnel Committee – Leg. Ginny Nacerino; Physical Services Committee – Leg. Carl Albano; Protective Services Committee – Leg. Paul Jonke; and Rules, Enactments & Intergovernmental Relations Committee – Leg. Neal Sullivan. All of the legislators serve on at least three committees.

The personnel and physical services committees are scheduled to meet on Wednesday, Jan. 17.  The audit and administration committee will be meeting on Thursday, Jan. 25.

Legislative committee meetings are held in Room 318 in the County Office Building. The meeting calendar and committee agendas are available online at, under the Legislature’s link.