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County Executive Byrne, seated with Legislative Chairman Paul Jonke, signs local law providing for real property tax exemption of 10% to Volunteer EMS and Firefighters.

Putnam County Enacts Property Tax Exemption for Volunteer Firefighters and Ambulance Workers

24 February 2023

Carmel NY – Yesterday at an official local law signing event, Putnam County Executive Kevin Byrne signed a new law that provides a 10% property tax exemption for volunteer firefighters and volunteer ambulance workers. The new law, passed by the Putnam County Legislature on February 7th, 2023 was advocated for by County Executive Byrne after enabling legislation first passed the New York State Legislature in 2022 with then Assemblyman Byrne’s support. The event was held at the Putnam County Bureau of Emergency Services with several local volunteer fire and EMS officers in attendance.

“I am proud to officially sign this important legislation into law, providing real results and financial relief for our hard-working volunteer first responders,” said County Executive Byrne. “This is government at its best; supporting and giving back to those who do the selfless work of protecting their communities and neighbors. I thank all those volunteer first responders who attended yesterday’s event, as well as the county legislators who voted unanimously to pass this law.”

This change to tax law was made possible after Governor Hochul signed into law A10155A, which was co-sponsored by then-Assemblymen Kevin Byrne and Michael Lawler (Putnam County’s current U.S. Congressman). The legislation standardizes and simplifies the existing tax breaks, which allowed Putnam County to offer the tax exemption.

“Credit to my colleagues in the legislature for moving on this quickly so we could ensure volunteers have an opportunity to receive this tax exemption this year,” said Putnam County Legislative Chairman Paul Jonke. “This exemption recognizes our volunteers and recognizes how dependent we are on our volunteers. We rely on them to keep us safe and with this simple recognition, it’s a token of our thanks.”

“These volunteers save New York State, counties, cities, towns, villages and schools billions of dollars annually,” said Protective Services Committee Chair Legislator Ginny Nacerino. “This tax exemption is how we can demonstrate our utmost respect to our communities’ volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers. I’m proud to have helped find a way to give back to these invaluable volunteers.”

“Every volunteer fire department is looking to recruit. Providing this tax exemption is just another incentive for individuals to join and retain a strong volunteer fire and ambulance corps,” said Legislator Bill Gouldman. “I thank County Executive Byrne for agreeing to sign this into law and for sponsoring the legislation that made this all possible when he was an Assemblyman.”

In order to qualify for the tax exemption, individuals must demonstrate 5 years of service and provide a certificate from his or her organization that they are an eligible enrolled member.

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