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Former County Executive Bondi and County Executive Byrne

Bondi Visits Putnam, Plaque Honoring Service Revealed in County Office Building

23 February 2024

CARMEL, NY – On Tuesday, February 20th, Putnam County Executive Kevin Byrne hosted former Putnam County Executive Bob Bondi for the day with a tour of county facilities, followed by a special plaque unveiling ceremony at the County Office Building. The plaque honors Bondi’s 30+ years of service in elected office to Putnam County, including 20 years as County Executive.

At the brief ceremony, the county executives were joined by dozens of attendees packed into the newly renovated lobby, many of whom worked with the former county executive. In attendance to give remarks were three of Bondi’s deputy county executives, Dan Birmingham, Frank DelCampo, and John Tully, as well as Chairman of the Legislature Paul Jonke, and Director of Personnel and former County Executive Paul Eldridge. Former Sheriff Don Smith who also served as one of Bondi’s deputy county executives was able to deliver brief remarks via video during the ceremony, as well.

“Bob Bondi is a wealth of knowledge that I have the good fortune of being able to draw from. I have already sought his advice several times since taking office. Spending the day with him and then honoring his service with this plaque was truly a privilege,” said Putnam County Executive Kevin Byrne. “He’s a honorable and an incredible public servant. It’s, in part, because of his commitment and work that Putnam County is the great place it is today.”

Prior to the ceremony, Byrne himself drove his predecessor to tour a number of county facilities that Bondi had not visited since his last year of service in 2010. This included a walkthrough of the County Office Building, the Putnam County Golf Course, Tilly Foster Farm, and the Bureau of Emergency Services.

“I deeply appreciate every single person who came out today, I really didn’t know if anyone would show up. It’s been a long time,” said Bondi. “I have a lot of great memories working with so many people in this room, and it’s a honor to see all of you here, and to have worked with you on behalf of the residents of Putnam County.”

The plaque had been acquired by the County some twelve years ago but had never been put out for public display. Byrne highlighted his desire to hang the plaque in a place of honor during his State of the County in 2023.

Bondi currently resides in Stueben County, NY, where he owns and operates an organic dairy farm with his wife Mary Lou, and their son Matt.

Watch the full ceremony here

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