If you are an Authorized Agent filing on behalf of multiple homeowners:

Ensure that you have a complete and fully executed Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) Petition  for each homeowner/property.

Complete the application for your NYSCEF Filing Agent user ID 

You may fax your completed form to the E-filing resource center at (212) 401-9146. You may also e-mail your completed application to the E-filing resource center at efile@nycourts.gov

Once the application process is complete and you have obtained your NYSCEF Filing Agent ID you may proceed to file the petitions. There may be a 24-48 hour processing period.

In NYSCEF, go to “Multi-PDF Upload”

  • Select “Putnam County Supreme Court” as the court.
  • Select “Other Real Property-SCAR” as the case type.
  • Input party names. The homeowner is the Plaintiff/Petitioner. The municipality in which the taxes are being grieved is the Defendant/Respondent, which will be typed into the “Business/Organization Name” field. Please click here  for a complete list of each municipality and how they should be entered in this field.
  • Select “SCAR Petition” as the commencement document and attach the pdf of the petition that you have filled out and signed.
  • You have the option to enter multiple actions by using this method.
  • You will pay your $30.00 filing fee online via credit card for each petition filed (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).

After filing your Petition in NYSCEF:

  • County Clerk staff will review your Petition(s) to ensure that they are complete and assign your Petitions Index Numbers. You will receive an e-mail notification that your Index Number has been assigned (generally within a few hours after submission during business hours) and you will be able to access a File Stamped copy of your SCAR Petition immediately in NYSCEF.

What to do next:

Within ten days after filing your Petition in the NYSCEF website, you must serve stamped copies of your SCAR petition on:

(1)    The Clerk of the school district where the property is located (by regular mail).  Please click here  for a complete list of each school district;

(2)    The Commissioner of Finance at 40 Gleneida Avenue in Carmel, New York 10512 (by regular mail) PLEASE NOTE-IF YOU ARE ELECTRONICALLY FILING YOUR SCAR PETITION THIS STEP IS NOT NECESSARY!!;

(3)    The Village Clerk if the property is situated in a Village (by regular mail) and;

(4)    The Assessor or the Board of Assessment of the municipality in which the property is located (by certified mail, return receipt requested or by personal delivery).  Please click here  for a complete list of each municipality.  PLEASE NOTE-IF YOU ARE ELECTRONICALLY FILING YOUR SCAR PETITION AND THE PROPERTY IS LOCATED IN THE TOWN OF CARMEL, THIS STEP IS NOT NECESSARY!!

Click here for more detailed instructions.


If you are eligible to opt-out of e-filing pursuant to Section 202.5-bb of the Uniform Rules for the Trial Courts, please complete the Notice of opt out form as well as the Notice of Hard Copy Submission and deliver your Small Claims Assessment (SCAR) Petition to the County Clerk’s Office in hardcopy, in quadruplicate, with the required $30.00 fee. Upon return of a stamped hard copy you will follow the service instructions above.