Please be advised that appointments are strongly encouraged to visit the Putnam County Clerk’s Office, but walk-ins are welcome.

Putnam County Office Building
40 Gleneida Avenue | Carmel, NY 10512
Phone: 845-808-1142

BUSINESS CERTIFICATION (D/B/A) –Instructions for filing for a Business Certificate or a Discontinuance of Business

This page will give you the necessary information you will need to have a Domestic Partnership in Putnam County New York.

Return the F.A.V.O.R Program – In Putnam County we love to help our veterans. With the F.A.V.O.R . Program you will see a list of local businesses that have special services and deals just for our veterans.

Get email alerts when a document is recorded in your name at the County Clerk’s Office. Click here to sign up for the free Fraud Alert service.

*Please note there may be other property owners in the County that share the samename*

For information on Land Records & Record Searching, please go to

(revised 2/16/21)

US State Department Passport Application Forms The US State Department has downloadable passport application forms available on its Web site.

  • Use the online form to access public records and transmit your request electronically.  Your request will be processed electronically and your records may be provided in electronic format or “hard copy” format ELECTRONIC F.O.I.L. FORM 
  • Download the Putnam County Application for Public Access to Records form.  You may fill out this form and deliver it to the office of the County Clerk via mail, hand delivery or facsimile at 845-228-0231.  You still have the option to request that your records be provided in electronic format or “hard copy” format
    (Application for Public Access to Records; download PDF)
    Click here to Download Foil Request Form
  • Compose a request for public records in your own words.  You may then deliver the request to the office of the County Clerk via conventional mail, e-mail, hand delivery or facsimile at 845-228-0231.  You still have the option to request that your records be provided in electronic format or “hard copy” format

SCAR stands for “Small Claims Assessment Review” and refers to the process which allows owner-occupants of residential property to file a court case to challenge a tax assessment. The information provided here will show you how to file a Small Claims Assessment Review Petition

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Putnam County Clerks Office: 40 Gleneida Avenue, Carmel, New York 10512, (845) 808-1142

Please utilize the dropbox outside the County Office Building for the following and make sure to include all required paperwork:

  • Pistol Permit Amendments
  • Land Recordings (please consider e-recording land documents through one of the e-recording partners)
  • Non-Emergency Court Filings (paper cases only)

When utilizing the dropbox, please make sure to leave your name and contact information.

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Michael C. Bartolotti | County Clerk

The County Clerk is the County Registrar and Clerk of the Supreme and County Courts, in addition to other responsibilities. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. Summer hours (mid-June through mid-September) are 8am to 4pm. His office is where you will find: maps, papers in actions and special proceedings of both civil and criminal courts, judgment and lien dockets, and other books and documents related to these matters.)

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