The mission of the Division of Weights & Measures shall be to pursue equity in all markets through education of consumers and providers in conjunction with Weights & Measures inspections, motor fuel quality testing, item pricing and scanner accuracy, with complaints resolution and enforcement for violations when appropriate.

About Weights & Measures

  • Weights and Measures Device Inspection – This Office operates a mandatory commercial device inspection and testing program which includes scales, fuel dispensing devices and fuel oil delivery trucks.  Inspections are conducted in accordance with New York State Agriculture & Markets Law using State and Federally approved methods.  These services require a fee, but there is no fee for testing as a result of a consumer complaint.
  • Motor Fuel Quality – This Office participates in the New York State Petroleum Quality (PQ) program, which ensures that all gasoline stations in Putnam County have their products tested periodically by a certified lab to ensure the quality meets all applicable State and Federal standards.  Putnam County is reimbursed for all costs associated with participation in the PQ program.
  • Item Pricing/Scanner Accuracy – This Office conducts Item Pricing and Scanner Accuracy inspections at retail stores to ensure compliance with applicable New York State and Putnam County laws.  We also issue a “Waiver of Item Pricing Requirements” for those stores who wish to participate in Putnam County’s voluntary Item Pricing Waiver program.
  • Licensing of Secondhand Dealers of Precious Metals and Gems – The Office licenses business that wish to buy Secondhand Precious Metals and Gems from consumers.

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